Jazz2Online news for September 2002

Permalink News about the JCF... September 28th 2002

I would like to let everyone know, that thanks to FQuist (And a few others who’s names I’ve forgotten), the JCF is here to stay permanently. Quist and friends raised up enough money to buy an owned license for the JCF. Before yesterday, it was a leased license, and it was set to expire on 9-22-2002 (US Date Format ;D). However, I got a free leased license for making a big script for vBulletin (phpBB2 importer…on a side note, it will be released with vBulletin3!). So they gave me a free leased license, and gave me the option to pay $85 to upgrade to an owned. So we did ;)
Anyways, if you didn’t understand any of that (likely, seeing as it’s 8:03am here), basicially what I’m trying to say is that the JCF is here as long as you want it to be! Yippee!! ;)

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Permalink Tomb Rabbit 2 update September 20th 2002

The project runned by Kejero called Tomb Rabbit 2 the sequel of the First Tomb Rabbit has finally an update about how its going to look like. He posted a few new screenshots on his website and they look very impressive.
Like all projects in the Gaming world the motto goes like “When it’s done” so you hafta wait!
Mean while you can talk about it at the JCF Topic here

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Permalink JCF reaches 100 000 posts. September 13th 2002

Source: JCF post.

Trafton made the 100 000th JCF post today. 100 000, being a big multiple of 10, is a special number. And since it is a special number, it goes on the news. Yay for special numbers.

[EDIT: it should also be noted that this was post id 100,000. That does not make it the real 100,000th post, unless you count “gaps” deleted posts cause. Regardless, congratulations.]

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Permalink Errors throughout the site... September 6th 2002

Apparentely, our host decided to turn on error notification for uninitialized variables. We are working to fix this. However, if you find a page that has uninitialized variables errors, please PM Nebula for FQuist, and we’ll get on it. You could also post it as a comment, but we don’t recieve emails when someone posts a comment ;)

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