Jazz2Online news for October 2002

Permalink Temporary Signup Ban on JCF October 30th 2002

Source: JCF
There has been a temporary signup ban meaning that no new members will be allowed to register on the message board. This was put in place after a series of spamming attacks occured on the board last night. We will remove the signup ban soon, but a specific time is not yet known. If you are new and want to signup right now, please contact a JCF administrator.

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Permalink New Jazz Jackrabbit GBA Article October 20th 2002

Source: Planet GameCube
This interview here address many of the fundamental questions we have been having about the Jazz GBA including story and change of characters. I encourage everyone to go read the article and get some facts about Jazz GBA straight.
Here’s a little quote from it:

PGC: Can we expect classic Jazz gameplay, or do you have new tricks in store for fans of the Jazz Jackrabbit PC titles?
Eric: Many aspects definitely crossed over like helicopter ears and such. However the lowest screen resolution of the PC title was 320×240. And even then most people played in 800×600 or 640×480. The highest resolution on the GBA is 240×160. So we could have chronicled the old days of Jazz Jackrabbit and made Jazz’s sprite 8×8 but we instead decided to focus on the new stories that have unfolded in his early adulthood which would give us a greater amount of character detail on the GBA. This is Jazz Jackrabbit years after his PC shareware days. He has evolved and grown up. He now works for R.A.B.T. and is required to dress for protocol. So naturally the Single player mission branches away from the shareware model and are more story driven.

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Permalink Downloads October 15th 2002

Uploading files works again for newly registered users. If it did not work for you before, you can upload files now again.
Everyone hail our host! :)

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Permalink JDC 7 Awards October 11th 2002

The awards break down as follows:
Jazz Duelist ChampionSuper Saiyan1871 points
Duel HeroJames aka Jman107 wins
Rabbit ExterminatorJames aka Jman1796 roasts/ctf points/2on2 points
Enemy RavagerJames aka Jman+107 win streak
Casualty SoldierJames aka Jman17.44:1 roast/ctf point ratio
Contest Victor**Cell9 event wins
Dedicated PlayerCell198 duels/2on2s
Dedicated Event PlayerFireSword55 events
Bravery Award*BOD SMASH78.5% average opponent quality
Coward Award*James aka Jman9.54% average opponent quality
Event Master**FireSword587 event points
Round ChampionCell and Unhit3 rounds won
Team PlayerCelL54 2vs2 games
CTF MasterUnhit12.0/1 win/loss for 2vs2
Elite Player***Unhit64.7% average opponent quality when a duel was won
CommentatorJames aka JmanLongest comment – 1311 characters

*20 or more duels required for awards
**admins not included in awards
***10 or more duel wins required for awards

Congratulations to Super Saiyan for coming in first place this season yet again. Along with him, Unhit placed second with 1707 points, and Jman third with 1640 points. Thanks to everyone who participated in JDC this season for making it extremely fun for everyone. Incase you are wondering, it will probably be a little while before the next JDC season starts. Right now I’m thinking next summer, but keep an eye on J2O for any further information.

See you all on JJ2!

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Permalink Downloads section problems October 11th 2002

As some of you may have noticed we’re encountering some problems with the downloads section. Users that have recently signed up can’t upload levels properly.
I am e-mailing our host and hope to find a solution that way, in the meantime I recommend users that have signed up in the last few months to not upload any levels. You can upload them later.
UPDATE: Nebula here, and just adding that if you registered ON or AFTER 9/15/2002, then you will be unable to add files. The actual entry will show, but it will return a 404 error as you download it. What happens is that, when you register, our scripts make a download directory for you. On 9/15/2002, something changed, and PHP now creates that directory under a different owner. Don’t worry about it if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s just techno-babble ;)

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Permalink CliffyB Addresses the Community October 6th 2002

Source: JCF Thread
The head level creator of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and other Epic Games had this to say:
Quoted from the JCF post:
Well, here’s where we’re at guys.
Jazz GBA is looking really cool and will hopefully be out soon. We’re hoping to resurrect some interest in Jazz and his universe with this product – the guys at Game Titan have done a great job with this update.
I would love to see Jazz come to next-generation consoles and the PC as a flagship character. He’s always been dear to my heart – that darned bunny helped me move out on my own when I was 18 years old!
The thing is, if a new Jazz game is going to happen there needs to be a very obvious demand for it.
If you guys want to see it happen the best thing you can do is to go out there and make some noise. Let the world know you want to see Jazz returning in his full glory. I’d love to see it also!

Well, I’d say we should take the advice and spread Jazz around to where we can. The more interest we get in Jazz, the better chances there are for another sequel (and wouldn’t we all love that) :)
Oh, and for you skeptics out there, the person who posted that was using an Epic Megagames IP address, it’s no fake.

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Permalink Jazz Goes To Gameboy Advanced October 5th 2002

Source: JCF Thread and IGN News
Quoted from IGN:
The newly formed Jaleco Entertainment (a merger of the old publishing houses Jaleco and VR1 Entertainment) is announcing today that the company has obtained publishing rights to do an all-new version of Jazz Jackrabbit on the Game Boy Advance. The game is once again a traditional blast-em-up platformer in the vein of the classic Epic MegaGames original, with a revamped Jazz Jackrabbit taking the lead in his interstellar romp.
Well, it sure looks like Jazz will finally make it over to gameboy advanced. It’s good to see that someone hasn’t forgotten about our little green bunny.
Edit: After getting frustrated with the IGN website I decided to compile the pictures there and put them all on J2O, here.

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