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28 Sep 2002 at 14:04

I would like to let everyone know, that thanks to FQuist (And a few others who’s names I’ve forgotten), the JCF is here to stay permanently. Quist and friends raised up enough money to buy an owned license for the JCF. Before yesterday, it was a leased license, and it was set to expire on 9-22-2002 (US Date Format ;D). However, I got a free leased license for making a big script for vBulletin (phpBB2 importer…on a side note, it will be released with vBulletin3!). So they gave me a free leased license, and gave me the option to pay $85 to upgrade to an owned. So we did ;)
Anyways, if you didn’t understand any of that (likely, seeing as it’s 8:03am here), basicially what I’m trying to say is that the JCF is here as long as you want it to be! Yippee!! ;)

- Nebula


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