Jazz2Online news for August 2002

Permalink JCF Upgrade... August 30th 2002

I just upgraded the JCF to vBulletin 2.2.7.

Also, I might add, that J2Ov2 is coming along nicely, and a lot of the core features are running perfectly. Quist and I might open the area soon so you guys can see what we’re talking about ;)

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Permalink Irc users alert! August 30th 2002

It seems that irc.quakenet.org lost 85% of the connection with users and servers at the moment because of routerproblems. This can take a day or so before its solved. So badluck guys, MeanWhile the most of us idle at server b0rk.uk.quakenet.org if you wanna find us. Goodluck.

But remember when it’s back up, the Offical jj2 irc channel is located at
server: irc.quakenet.org port: 6667
channel: #jj2

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Permalink CTF contest results August 27th 2002

Stripe has posted the results for his CTF contest. You can view his reviews of all the submitted levels and the winner here

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Permalink Article on ammo not respawning, and a solution to it August 18th 2002

I do not know why this wasn’t posted earlier, but now that I am back from vacation, I might as well post this.

BlurredD has written a fairly comprehensive article on his theroies behind ammo not respawning in jazz2 multiplayer games. The article details almost everything we know about the cause of this rather annoying bug.

To combat this problem, Bobby has created a useful program which can be run by servers. While it is running, most ammo will respawn like it should, improving the quality of jj2 internet play. I reccomend running this in the background while you host a server.

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Permalink Clan GpW Leaves JJ2 August 13th 2002

Source: JCF Thread

Well, it seems that clan GpW has decided to cease and desist from their JJ2 section and has decided to continue in a few other games. Although it’s too bad to see it go, it is really not a huge shock seeing as how few members in it were left playing jj2 on a regular basis. Good luck to Shadow and all of the others in the clan in whatever they do. I hope that all who were in the clan decide to remain active in the community and continue to do what they had been.

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Permalink JDCE Standings Begin August 4th 2002

Qualification has ended on JDCE and all of those who played any of their matches have qualified for the tournament. Except for BackSlash who was unable to contact either of his opponents, those who did not duel at all have been eliminated. Matches were then determined by ranking people according to their roast:fall ratio and then pair the worst up with the best like is standard practice for single elimination tournaments.

For those who have qualified, please duel as soon as possible. Even though you may have a week before we forfeit a loss or exercise other options, the faster everyone duels, the faster JDCE moves and ends. JDCE can take up to 5 weeks or as little as a day depending on how soon people contact each other and have their duels.

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