Jazz2Online news for July 2002

Permalink JDCE signups end tomorrow July 27th 2002

If you are not signed up for JDCE yet, sign up now. We will be shutting off the signups for it tomorrow. You can still sign up for the normal JDC.

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Permalink New Article on CTF codes July 26th 2002

J2O has a new article, by me, on CTF codes. CTF codes are something every CTF player should use, unless they want to play an unstructured, unstrategic game. The article contains the most univerally used codes in jazz2 CTF.

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Permalink JDCE Qualification July 24th 2002

Qualification over at JDCE has started, so if you signed up for JDCE, you are currently in a group. In these groups, you need to play the people who appear next to you. To communicate with people, we encourage that you use the JDCE Private Messaging which you can find at JDCE. If you are sure that you will not be able to make a duel or have vacation for a while, send a message over JDCE to EvilMike or myself (Bobby) and we can extend your time. But, have no fear since you have until 8/3 to finish the qualification matches.

Also, if you have not signed up for JDCE yet, do not worry! We are still accepting people before Saturday. So, head on over to JDCE and get your matches played as soon as you can. The faster everyone duels, the faster the tournament goes.

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Permalink Jazz Community Junk July 20th 2002

More information: http://jazz2online.com/jcf/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4855

Spaztic has opened a jazz related online store called Jazz Community Junk, which contains community-related merchandise stuff like T-Shirts.

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Permalink JDC Season 7 opens tomorrow! July 20th 2002

Season 7 will begin tomorrow (sunday), so get ready to start dueling. We will be having a new feature this season, called JDCE, and the website for it is here. All info is on the website. If you wish to participate in it, read the info and sign up for JDCE. Also, due to an error in the system, you will have to go into your user profile and change your GMT offset to what it should be. They were all reset to 7 during the testing of JDCE.

You do not need a new JDC account to participate this season. Please do not make a new one if you are already in JDC.

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Permalink 1.23 to TSF patch July 18th 2002

I took down GoGi’s 1.23 to TSF patch because Arjan did not give permission for it after all unlike GoGi said. I’m sorry.

Perhaps in the future, when we get the source code, something like this will be possible.

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Permalink New Website Launched July 17th 2002

Executor posted on JCF that he made a completely new Jazz Jackrabbit related website called SillyWabbits and its similar like J2O, you can log-in, download, post reviews and much more.

It’s really run on a PHP freeware backend called PHP-Nuke (unlike J2O)
anyhow you can visit them on www.sillywabbits.com

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Permalink CTF Level Contest July 16th 2002

Source: JCF Post

Stripe is hosting a level making competiton for CTF levels. Anyone may participate. The rules are as follows: (directly copied from JCF post)

-must be new (previously unreleased)
-must be a ctf level
-any size, but should work well with as few as 2 players
-any tileset (include it if it’s custom)
-triggers are allowed, but it should play like a normal CTF level (no team based routes, jails, etc…)

He is going to pay the winner of this contest a grand prize of…


Go see the forum post for additional details. Now go make a level. And let me win.

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Permalink Season 7 Info July 15th 2002

Source: JCF post

I have posted information on the new features of JDC season 7 on the JCF. You can go ask questions if you have any.

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Permalink JDC Season 6 Ends July 15th 2002

Source: JDC
Well, season 6 is finally over. Here are the awards:
Jazz Duelist ChampionSuper Saiyan1703 points
Duel HeroSSJ Stiletto103 wins
Rabbit ExterminatorSSJ Stiletto1193 roasts/ctf points
Enemy RavagerSuper Saiyan+70 win streak
Casualty SoldierSuper Saiyan7.86:1 roast/ctf point ratio
Contest VictorFireSword21 event wins
Dedicated PlayerSSJ Stiletto145 duels
Dedicated Event PlayerFireSword50 events
Level AddictSSJ Stiletto90 duels in battle 1
Bravery AwardDrake74.3% average opponent quality*
Event MasterFireSword488 event points
Round ChampionSuper Saiyan3 rounds won
Team PlayerCelL20 2vs2 games
CTF MasterRagE3.5/1 win/loss for 2vs2
EvilMike is PleasedCelL43 duels not in Battle 1
CommentatorSSJ StilettoLongest comment – 453 characters

*22 or more duels required for awards
**admins not included in awards

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for making the season so great. Season 7 will start next week and we encourage everyone to read the JDC Tournament Forum for more information on what the next season will be like.

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Permalink List Server News July 13th 2002

As many of you know, the list servers have been down and very unstable the last few days. Earlier this morning I contacted Burger asking him when he expects the list servers up. As for a reply I got, “I’ll fix it shortly.” Lets hope Burger does fix it shortly. :)

Edit: The List servers are back up! Go play some JJ2 :)

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Permalink Winner of Hotel Heroes competition ANNOUNCED! July 13th 2002

Source: JCF

And the winner is: SUPER SAIYAN!

For making the best hotel, he gets a tileset made for him by Mirrow and Disuise (not bad)!

In second place came Piccolo using the Egypt tileset, and in last came stripe using the Beach tileset (he found out about the contest a day before the level was due).

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Permalink JDC season almost over, feedback wanted July 9th 2002

Source: JCF post

JDC season 6 is comming to an end, and Bobby and I want to know what you thought of it. Go to the JCF thread and answer the questions as seriously as possible. Your reply may affect the way we will do things next season.

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