Jazz2Online news for June 2002

Permalink Stuff is good magazine June 29th 2002

Trafton, Knightlord, Phoenixgirl and Lavaman are creating a new monthly ‘magazine’ called ‘Stuff is good magazine’. This magazine, which aims to provide reviews of jj2 utilities, is spread by email. The magazine will not only provide reviews, but also an art galery, a level competition, a letter section and a monthly poll.

To subscribe, you should email. The email should contain your email, real name, online name, and any screen names you go by, among comments on the magazine.

The authors of this magazine would also like to receive reviews on utilities(preferably also some for 1.24). These should also be sent to the aforementioned adress.

On a side note, I’m leaving for a vacation on monday. please do not send me news. I will not be able to post it.

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Permalink Jazz 2 City - Returns Episode I June 28th 2002

The one of the die-hards of http://www.jazz2city.com. Brian, replied on the JCF that he is working on a return of Jazz 2 City. Even the host and old url already works!.. erm.. it’s not 100% sure yet though according to Brian. A Now don’t think right away that we are going to use it, its just some link updates and bringing back files.

our great granddaddy of Jazz 2 city has already a pre-view location of Jazz2city (Jazz2city.milesba.com) So you can give it a small check out to the nostalgia from the past and how n00b ‘we’ where ;)

He also shouts that JMMB is gone for good, it’s just to big and to buggy to back it all up so it’s gone for good sadly.

“and what about the other things, do we now get levelupdates? news and good old r0xord Jazz 2 stuff?” Ack, no.. it’s just that we can reach the old files agian. But there will be some little changes, like the JMMB gets linked to JCF and much more of those small changes.

But Man I can go on and on and on, just give this small post a check out

So that Jazz 2 city is coming back? hopefully! if nothing goes wrong the city is then fully restored. (btw hello world)

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Permalink JDC Bank Robbery Event June 27th 2002

There will be a bank robbery event tonight (6/27) at 10PM EST time. Please come on time for the explanation of how the event works. Click here for more info.

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Permalink Stop making "first review" posts. June 26th 2002

I have to ask everyone to stop making first-post reviews that are N/A just so it can be edited later. If you are going to post a review, please make it a review. Do not post reviews saying this such as “first post” or “this review will be edited later”.

A similar news post to this one was made a few months ago by fquist. Obviously, not enough people saw it.

I ask again, please either post a review, or don’t post at all.

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Permalink JCF Upgrade June 17th 2002

I am currently upgrading the JCF to version 2.2.6. It shouldn’t take 10 minutes, I’ll post an update here when it’s done.

UPDATE: The JCF has been upgraded, go post again ;)

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Permalink Cheating on JDC June 11th 2002

Source: JDC news

Many people have been abusing the JDC system. Several IP adresses have been banned, and a huge amount of duels have been deleted. This is just a warning that if you are abusing JDC or plan to, you are not safe and will be banned soon. See the JDC site for details, or discuss this in the JCF.

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Permalink JJ3 Music Update June 9th 2002

Thanks to Alberto and Monolith there is some new music ready for download, the MP3 version of the music is now also done thanks to Monolith, so if you like the music of JJ3 then I recommend you to visit it now
Later this week the FAQ itself will get an update so i’ll say keep a track on it these days.

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Permalink Return of Jazz Jackrabbit 3 FAQ June 9th 2002

Jazz Jackrabbit 3 FAQ returns, but this time updated, hosted and maintained by Jazz2Online. You can find it now at the flashy new url http://www.jazz2online.com/~j3f.

There isn’t an update yet since the last day it was online, but this will be done in 2 or 3 days. With new information and things like that. Well, I hope you have fun again at the Jazz Jackrabbit 3 FAQ. .

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Permalink 1.23 to TSF Patch June 9th 2002

A patch for 1.23 that turns the files into TSF has been made and has been okayed by Arjan the lead programmer for JJ2, so we feel it is okay to release a patch like this. Be sure to backup all of your 1.23 files and do not place the patched 1.24 and 1.23 in the same directory or levels will get confused. You can find more info about the patch by downloading it here. Be warned, the patch is about 11 megs.

Got some big news for once. :)

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Permalink Some contest thing June 8th 2002

Source: JCF Thread

Disguise has just started a JCS contest for best hotel level. Read the JCF thread for more information on this sadistic contest. Now go make a hotel, or something.

I feel all dirty for saying that.

…and I need to go make a level now.

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