Stuff is good magazine

29 Jun 2002 at 20:38

Trafton, Knightlord, Phoenixgirl and Lavaman are creating a new monthly ‘magazine’ called ‘Stuff is good magazine’. This magazine, which aims to provide reviews of jj2 utilities, is spread by email. The magazine will not only provide reviews, but also an art galery, a level competition, a letter section and a monthly poll.

To subscribe, you should email. The email should contain your email, real name, online name, and any screen names you go by, among comments on the magazine.

The authors of this magazine would also like to receive reviews on utilities(preferably also some for 1.24). These should also be sent to the aforementioned adress.

On a side note, I’m leaving for a vacation on monday. please do not send me news. I will not be able to post it.

- FQuist


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