Jazz2Online news for May 2002

Permalink New article on clans by Payback June 1st 2002

We have a great new article on the site that is about why most clans fail instead of becomming strong and popular. It’s worth your time to read, and I reccomend it if you are planning on joining or starting a clan. You can find it here.

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Permalink Enough with the pet photos May 31st 2002

The pictures section is supposed to be for photographs of you and/or your voice. It was not designed for a place to upload pictures of your cats, dogs, or any other pet you have. A few photographs are OK, but there are way too many now. The last 11 uploads besides 1 are pictures of pets. That is just too many.

This is why I ask that you stop uploading pictures of pets. The current ones will not be deleted as there was no rule against uploading them, but future pet photos will be removed as soon as an admin sees them.

You may discuss this in the following JCF thread.

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Permalink Jazz 2 Stuff Archive in Progress May 26th 2002

Source: JCF Thread

Quoted from Wakeman:

First of all, I wanted to update you on the Jazz 2 Stuff Archives. Yes, it’s still coming. The final poll results should be very interesting since I’ve been working on them off and on since last fall. I still need to finish school, but if all goes well, J2S should be back on the Internet a month or less. If it’s not up by the end of June, then you won’t see it until mid July, as I’m going to be away for a few weeks on a mission trip to Italy. I doubt there’s any hype around J2S any longer, but I like to finish what I start — even if it does take nine months. I’ll probably also release a level and tileset I pretty much finished one or two years ago — I’ve lost all track of time.

Along with this, Wakeman is working on a new project based on the Good News section of J2S, which many of you probably still remember. So, go to his post to see exactly what he is up to. :)

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Permalink New clan AO and break May 22nd 2002

Minmay says:

“A new clan has just started. It is called AO and has a clan hotel, and a clan level (a level that you join to ask DefostAO to join AO). Anyone can join this clan. Also, the clan AO should be fair, and if you join please try not to say bad words. You may E-mail DefostAO if you have any questions. DefostAO’s E-mail address is minmay@interplus.net so if you have any questions, then let DefostAO know.”

[Update] – DefostAO has decided to not start the clan after all.

I(Fquist) am temporarily taking a break from the jj2 community. Please send all messages/news to other people until I’m back. :)

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Permalink Last Rabbit Standing JDC event May 22nd 2002

The next event will be on friday. If you want the time of the event and the password for it, click here. Pregame will be up half an hour before the event starts.

When playing in LRS, the goal is to be the last player alive. If you die too many times, you are out.

You must be signed up to JDC if you wish to play.

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Permalink Howto JCS May 4th 2002

Howto JCS, one of the best jcs resources available, has now been moved to a new location: http://zeepost.nl/~howtojcs/.

The new host is faster, and ad-free.

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Permalink Lori Central back. May 3rd 2002

Source: This thread

DrJones and Haze have officially re-opened Lori Central. Lori Central has always been a site with a high quality of content.

Haze joined the Lori Central team making it a group effort from now on.

Go to the site!

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Permalink JDC Event May 3rd 2002

(from the JDC homepage)

There will be a survivor event hosted tomorrow. In case you are unsure of how the gametype works, it is a game where you have to push people off the edge by shooting through the ground. It’s quite fun, and you win by eleminating all other players. Click here for the password to the server, as well as the time the server will be hosted. Or, if you are lazy, the event is at 7:30 PM EST.

Special thanks to BlurredD for making the levels for the event.

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Permalink JJ2 problems FAQ May 1st 2002

Alberto has written a nice document that answers the most frequently asked questions in the Technical Help forum.

Go here to read it.

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