Jazz 2 City - Returns Episode I

28 Jun 2002 at 04:34

The one of the die-hards of http://www.jazz2city.com. Brian, replied on the JCF that he is working on a return of Jazz 2 City. Even the host and old url already works!.. erm.. it’s not 100% sure yet though according to Brian. A Now don’t think right away that we are going to use it, its just some link updates and bringing back files.

our great granddaddy of Jazz 2 city has already a pre-view location of Jazz2city (Jazz2city.milesba.com) So you can give it a small check out to the nostalgia from the past and how n00b ‘we’ where ;)

He also shouts that JMMB is gone for good, it’s just to big and to buggy to back it all up so it’s gone for good sadly.

“and what about the other things, do we now get levelupdates? news and good old r0xord Jazz 2 stuff?” Ack, no.. it’s just that we can reach the old files agian. But there will be some little changes, like the JMMB gets linked to JCF and much more of those small changes.

But Man I can go on and on and on, just give this small post a check out

So that Jazz 2 city is coming back? hopefully! if nothing goes wrong the city is then fully restored. (btw hello world)

- ShadowGPW


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