Jazz2Online news for June 2008

Permalink Sup guys March 6th 2009

First, go check out this month’s featured download. Its the news entry below this one. I’ll wait. Next, go to the JCF and click on the General Jazz subforum. Find a topic that interests you and post in it. If such a topic doesn’t exist, then make one. I don’t care what its about, as long as its not handbags. Then tomorrow, do the same but instead in the JCS subforum. Just keep doing this every day, going down the line of subforums until you get to Comedy Cafe. Now repeat the process.

Basically, be active in all parts of the JCF. If you think this plan sucks, that’s cool. Just come up with a better one (it wouldn’t be hard) and follow that instead.

Dear everyone,
For the love of god stop voting for my awful rabbit journal entries to the front page (especially KRSplat, Stijn, CrimiClown, Shrooblord, PT32, and Axu285.) Also huge apologies to Unhit who I think read the entirety of the original entry. I’m very, very sorry. Hopefully you can forgive me.


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Permalink New JDC season June 16th 2008

Source: I semi-copied this from an old newspost

JDC season 15th is just around the corner, being scheduled to start on the 22nd of June. The website should be fully updated for the new season soon enough, so be ready to reactivate your accounts.

Amongst other improvements, the events will now make use of JJ2+. Some of these events, if not all, will require the players to play with JJ2+, so in case you still haven’t downloaded it, or have an outdated version for some reason, be sure to download it here.

See you at the season.


Permalink Servers Are Back On June 3rd 2008

At 5:25 Pm The Epic Company Has Restored The Server List! Have Fun Everyone :)

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Permalink Blog Reviews for May (and one from October) June 19th 2008

As some of you may know, I write a blog on JJ2 levels, mostly doing reviews of single player levels/episodes which I feel are noteworthy.

I stopped updating it in October last year, but brought it back recently. Just as I did before, I will be posting on Rabbitjournal once every month or two to highlight some of the recent updates.

Here are the reviews I posted in May, along with one review from October last year which I didn’t get around to mentioning.

Hunt for red october by Qaz (4.5)
Dino Station by Wakeman (4.0)
Game Board by T-boned T-raex T. Teupac (4.0)
The Library / Banana Beach by Kejero (3.5)

I read all comments, so leave one if you feel like it!

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