Jazz2Online news for May 2008

Permalink Love is in the air May 26th 2008

Most annoying thing in a MP level?
Looking “deinspirated” 22 votes (24%)
jungle.j2b 5 votes (6%)
Seeker powerups 8 votes (9%)
PITS 32 votes (36%)
Being a hotel 23 votes (26%)
Total votes: 90

The J2O staff would like to congratulate one of our most dedicated members and avid War Tavern writers, Coppertop, who has become Mrs Coppertop a few weeks ago. Best wishes to her and her newly acquired husband :)

Assuming that this marriage would be a community trend setter,
which of these couples will be the first to get married? Will it be Vegito and Sperry, renowned for their performances at the JDC? Or will it be Black Ninja and his most recent love interest?

Their future life is at your hands!


Quick news bit:

Nimrod has recently posted a large newspost on his site, a "State of the Union" for the listservers so to speak, in which he documents the near future of the listservers and some future plans. He also announces that the addresses of the listserver have changed. The most important recommendation from the document is: Please update your JJ2 to point towards the new servers. Not doing so will not result in JJ2's internet play failing to work, but it's a good safeguard for the future. Fquist

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April’s Featured Download

The Resistance by EvilMike

The latest installment in EvilMike’s The Resurrection of Devan Shell has surfaced at long last. This is not all EM had to say in April, though, as the fourth episode was preceded by re-releasing the prior three parts of the sprawling adventure.

The Resistance puts our nameless hero on a war-overriden Carrotus, fighting in a battle that’s doomed to be lost. The player’s goal here is to establish the link between the main base of the resistance movement and its nearly starving outpost located in the village Thrax. In the middle of his mission, the hero makes a visit to a place turned bad, and the plot gets an unforeseen twist…

Download this episode now! And if that wasn’t enough of EvilMike, check out his revived JJ2 blog at jazz2.blogspot.com. Nifty huh?


Permalink Jazz2 is falling!!! May 1st 2008

Oh no!Jazz2 is falling!!!The people arent playing JJ2 so much anymore!!!people like Eragon,Oni3jj (oniejj)and other.Servers are boring.Well not all ;)But you can’t see Eragon’s survivors,assauts and other.There arent any team battles,no zombie servers,no flag runs…There aren’t any servers…So please lets all host something cool!!!Lets save jj2!!!!!!!!

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