Jazz2Online news for April 2008

Permalink a winner is you April 23rd 2008

Jazz’s hairstyle?
Japanese 7 votes (5%)
Korean 5 votes (4%)
Dutch 29 votes (22%)
HAIR METAL 36 votes (27%)
Skinhead 10 votes (8%)
Awesome 46 votes (35%)
Total votes: 133
All that can be honestly said about this poll is “FIX0RS TEH JAZZ JACKRABBIT!!!”.

While JJ2 has no multiplayer, i mean it kinda has multiplayer support. not really though. get it?, the next poll touches upon JJ2 levels that we all know and love (once per a year). What annoys you the most in a multiplayer level? Is it the ever so irritating Seeker upgrade? Or is it about the most recent frustration, which is bottomless falls?


Permalink Bash overtime! April 14th 2008

I (being the current bash host) am unilaterally extending the end of the bash until tomorrow 11:00 GMT. This is because the CTF bash server did not get a lot of good play yesterday due to constant problems with servers and the packs. Today, bash hosting has stabilized. Also, due to the time setup, battle bash has had two evenings and CTF one. I’d like to change that.

I hope you’ll join us. Have fun playing the bash!


Permalink Bash server is up! April 11th 2008

The AB10 battle server is currently up! You are free to join now! Admins please check the private bash forum for the admin password.

A few notes just so everyone understands:
Spectating is off. Because of the potential for a full server, it has been decided that if you are in the server, you should be playing.
Idlers will be automatically kicked after 5 minutes. You are free to rejoin if this happens, but keep it in mind.

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Permalink The bash is a community event! April 9th 2008

The Bash levelpacks are now online and being hosted! See the big message there on top of this page for more information and links. Be sure to download the pack before joining a server, so you can enjoy the background music and a lagless server.

The official bash servers will be online from April 11th until April 14th. Please join us to celebrate 10 years of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 then!

Of course, the bash is a community event! Today, the best way to celebrate will be for everyone to host great servers with great packs. Any initiative for fun announcements, releases, quizes, chat sessions, interviews, servers, etc. from the community is welcomed. The admins are pretty much devoid of time.


Permalink JJ2+: First public release April 6th 2008

Source: JCF Thread

JJ2+, the successor to the useful carrotade utility and 1.23+ patch, has finally seen its first public release. Unlike carrotade, and to a greater extent than 1.23+, JJ2+ is not only a server hosting utility, but has numerous client-side features as well. This program is by far the best addon to JJ2 ever released, and even though the current release is a mere beta version, it still has a huge number of features.

It should work for both 1.23 and TSF. It also does not overwrite any existing files, so it is safe to try. Some of the features it has includes new gamemodes, in-game server admin functions for clients, spectator mode for clients, interface improvements, and a whole bunch of bug fixes. A lot of the features require both the server and the clients to have JJ2+ running, so I recommend that everybody gets this!

See the JCF thread for more info.


Permalink only in it for the money April 4th 2008

So, of course the news about J2O Poland and J2O Premium Content was an April Fools joke. J2O is and will be free, and there are currently no plans for any form of paid content.

Jazz2Online Poland is not placed on any of our to-do lists either ;) There’s jazzjackrabbit.pl for the Polish community; as I don’t speak Polish I have no idea whether the content is any good, but it seems to be nice, so check it out.

While the premium content thing was a joke, there was some truth in it in the sense that hosting this site does in fact cost quite some money. So if you can miss a few bucks and appreciate this site, please make a donation! We have a page set up with more information about it here.


Permalink Featured Download April 2nd 2008

March’s Featured Download

Find It Out by SuperJazz

The past month’s featured upload title goes to no one else but to SuperJazz, and his large project that took nearly two years to make. This beats SJ’s personal record of six months with his SuperJazz pack from 2005. That record is no worthless mocking, though, as Find it Out definitely shows the amount of work that went into those 9 levels.

This amalgamation of SuperJazz’s works from the past two years sports two battle levels and seven(!) CTF levels, all of which are, short of things to say, top-class. However, SuperJazz went beyond that and went with more gamemodes than just those two with modifying the old levels, effectively making him have 118% of his own pack. Overall, the pack features a whopping fifteen levels, cool huh? You’ll have to Find It Out.

What else is there to say? Download this and wait patiently for the SP part of this pack =)

The web 2.0-curvy-shiny styled screenshots are courtesy p4ul

Permalink Jazz2Online announces Jazz2Online Premium Content and Jazz2Online Poland April 1st 2008

Since the redirection of the list.jazzjackrabbit.com list server some time ago, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 has seen a steady influx of mainly Polish newcomers. Being one of the main gathering points of the online Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community, Jazz2Online always strives to offer as much support to the community as possible. It is because of this that I can proudly announce, on the behalf of the whole J2O staff:

Jazz2Online Poland

That’s right – a Jazz2Online sister site focused at the Polish-speaking community! As this community has always been focused on the less serious, more fun-oriented side of the multiplayer spectrum, J2OP (as we abbreviate Jazz2Online Poland) will mainly focus on hotels and tests. J2OP offers the same functionality as the international J2O though – downloads, articles, a wiki, pictures… you name it, J2OP’s got it. Anyway, I’d advise you to go see it for yourself – check it out at http://polski.jazz2online.com!

Coincidentally I can also announce another big change. Up till now, J2O has always been free and paid out of the staff’s own pocket. As we all become older and move to university or college, however, gathering funds to pay the hosting bill has become increasingly difficult. The J2O staff has always opposed advertisements and the like, so that was not an option. We have instead chose to introduce…

Jazz2Online Premium Content

Yep, special features and content for paying members. Base functionality of the site will be the same, but for a small fee of $15 per month you can unlock several cool features. No advertisements? Jazz2Online Premium Users won’t see them. Unlimited downloads? You guessed it, Jazz2Online Premium Users don’t have a monthly download limit. Upload pictures in any resolution? Exactemundo, JPU – our abbreviation for Jazz2Online Premium Users – can do it.

As of now, new sections added to the site will be exclusive to JPU. Starting with Jazz2Online Poland, you will automatically see a warning that the chosen content is off-limits to non-paying members if you click a link leading to such content. To give people a taste of what’s behind this warning, we chose to have the J2OP frontpage visible to everyone. The warning contains all instructions needed to become a JPU, so just browse around a bit if you want to know the full details, or go right there!

We hope that you will enjoy these new features and we are always open for feedback. Comments are open – drop your suggestions there!


Permalink lol - source code April 1st 2008

Source: JCF Thread

Anyways, I was going to work with j2nsm and j2o about how to do this correctly, and then realized I really don’t think anyone deserves sole access to [the source code], so I decided to share this with all of you. -Nimrod

Nimrod and Digiex partner Insanenutter have, after a visit to Epic Games, unexpectedly received the source code to JJ2 (v1.20) by email. It’s not perfect, obviously, there’s no Lori or trigger zones or stuff like that, but this is a tremendous step forward for the JJ2 community. Expect to see all manner of discoveries being made in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead, and if you know the language, please help the community and make some of your own!
Read about the release here.
Download the source here.