Jazz2Online news for July 2008

Permalink New code July 29th 2008

The front page (the page you are now viewing) has been updated to a new version. Though the layout hasn’t changed much, this version should be faster and (in the future) easier to customize.

Oh yes awesome!.

If you find any bugs, please post a comment to this newspost, and we will try to fix them as soon as possible.


Permalink Blade's Blog Bonanza July 23rd 2008

Source: The blog

Tileset creator Blade has recently written the final piece of his development blog he has kept during the creation of his latest set The Fortress of Forgotten Souls.

The blog, which also contains interesting articles about Blade’s past tilesets, has almost 90 posts explaining how Blade took on the task of creating the tileset, which currently has a near-perfect 9.8 rating. Certainly worth a read if you’re interested in JJ2 content creation!


Permalink Pollin' July 23rd 2008

Next JJ2 community marriage will be between:
Vegito & Sperry 38 votes (30%)
Grytolle & Leen 5 votes (6%)
Becky & Walmart-found lover 10 votes (8%)
Black Ninja & Apple 33 votes (26%)
Total votes: 78

So, it is to be expected that after Esme and Jelze our community members Vegito and Sperry (who are still very much in love, my sources tell me) will marry soon and of course throw a giant part at which all J2O members are invited. We’ll keep you updated!

The new poll needs no explanation in my opinion


Permalink Server move July 22nd 2008

We’ve been moved to a new hosting provider last night. I have just updated the domain but it might take a while for everyone to get the new site instead of the old one.

We’ll be getting a slightly better plan, but we’re not sure how things will end up. Hopefully we’ll notice some improvements.

There is a possibility that during the move, we’ve lost some posts/downloads/comments/etcetera. If you notice anything missing, or any bugs caused by the move, please reply in the comments.

New uploads/pictures are currently not working. I’m working on getting things fixed, hopefully it won’t take long.

Update 2:
Things should be back to normal. Post in the comments here or send me a PM if you find something wrong. -Bobby

Update 3:
J2O’s mail does not work, so registration, getting passwords and other mail functions are down. – Frank

Update 4:
Did You Know panel fixed. – Stijn


Permalink International Jazzer's meeting in NL: 19th of July July 8th 2008

[Meeting cancellation edit. ~cooba]