Jazz2Online news for August 2008

Permalink Domination Levelmaking Contest August 29th 2008

Source: JCF Thread

As you can read in the previous news message recently an update for JJ2+ was released, which includes among other wicked stuff a new gametype; Domination.

Well, now Ragnarok is holding a contest about who makes the best Domination level!

1) The level must be domination.

2) The level must be bigger than 5000 if you multiply the height by the width. This one is slightly leniant, I just don’t want miniature levels. That does not mean you are limited to a certain amount of control points, there can be as many as you want.

3) The level must NOT be a conversion or an edit off a previous level. It can’t even be a remake.

4) The entry must be in by 30th September 23:59 [GMT+1]

Furthermore, he mentions the prize will not be “worth your while. o.0”. Head over to the thread for more details and discussion!


Permalink New JJ2+ Release August 29th 2008

BlurredD has just released a major update to JJ2+. This one adds a lot of stuff, including an entirely new gamemode. You can get it here.

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Permalink Codename: Winter War August 10th 2008

Source: JCF thread

Half a year after releasing his latest tileset, Blade announces his newest work in progress. The image speaks for itself :)


Permalink Featured Download August 2nd 2008

July’s Featured Download

Gothic Cathedral by Galavant

Right in the middle of summer, Galavant and his friends bring a very new and refreshing theme into JJ2 – a full fledged gothic (neogothic?) church. This tileset is the first of its kind if I’m not mistaken – and it follows the theme of gothic architecture very competently.

There’s an impressive amount of detail gone into every single tile here. The art style is excellent, only Agama’s sets can probably compare with this. There’s a lot of vibrant color everywhere, making the tileset very cheery and just.. good looking. To put it in short, this tileset is not only properly gothic, it is also properly jazzy.

This tileset is simply a must to have. Download and use immediately.


Permalink Downtime Explanation August 1st 2008

Source: JCF Post

We’ve recently been moved to a new host in the United Kingdom. This host has made several changes to the server infrastructure that have caused and continue to be causing huge security issues. Our entire site’s security was exposed to the public, causing bystanders and script kiddies to be able to hack our site, in theory.

To secure the site and all of your private information, we have had no other option than to shut down our entire site until our host fixed the issues. For Jazz2Online, the issue still isn’t fixed.

After our site is back up there are several changes at the host that may then cause our Jazz2Online to only partly work.

I strongly apologize for the inconvenience.

I (Bobby) again apologize for the downtime. I’ve taken immediate measures to deal with the above major site changes. These changes were executed without our previous knowledge and we unfortunately had no way to prepare. In the meantime please let me know of any major broken site components in the comments. JDC/J2O/JCF/etc are all appreciated.

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