Jazz2Online news for October 2007

Permalink Poll October 21st 2007

What would you do if JJ2 became open source? (if you were able to code)

I’d either create a mod or a brand new game – 16 Votes (14%)

_I would help adding new features to the game_ – 38 Votes (34%)

I would focus on fixing the most obvious bugs – 22 Votes (20%)

I’d not code anything, I would just still play and design levels – 30 Votes (27%)

I deeply loathe the concept of open source and thus would leave the community in terms of boycot. – 5 Votes (5%)

Total votes: 111

Looks like the community has a bright and fairly well-populated future ahead of it, assuming we manage to release JJ2 as open source and teach everyone to code. In the meantime, we’ve got all sorts of stuff to read, play with, or anticipate…

Sweetest recent or upcoming event?


Permalink Here be screenshots October 11th 2007

You might have noticed a mysterious upload called “HERE BE TEST” recently. It may not have been visible for you, but this file served as a testbed for J2O’s newest feature; screenshots. Tests were evidently successful, as we are now making it possible for everyone to add screenshots to uploads.

So, how does this work?

Everyone can add screenshots to every upload. You can also add screenshots to files you did not actually upload yourself; this way, old uploads of which the author is no longer active can also easily be illustrated. Authors however can decide to delete any screenshot added to their upload, simply by clicking the screenshot and following the link conveniently called “Delete”.

Uploaded screenshots are monitored by the Jazz2Online admins, just like regular downloads. They have to be approved by an admin before they are visible to everyone; until then, they will appear blurred. Authors can not approve screenshots, however all screenshots related to files uploaded by them are non-blurred regardless of whether they are approved or not.

There are a few regulations which apply to screenshots, apart from the usual “no porn”:

  • Screenshot files can be 200 kilobytes at most. This should be sufficient for 640×480 Jazz Jackrabbit 2 screenshots.
  • There is a limit of 3 screenshots per upload.
  • Only PNG, GIF or JPEG images are accepted. All images are converted to PNG server-side
  • Screenshots have to be relevant to the respective upload.

What are you waiting for? Go upload some screenshots ;)


Permalink Blog Reviews for September October 20th 2007

As some of you may know, I write a blog on JJ2 levels, mostly doing reviews of single player levels/episodes which I feel are noteworthy. I will occasionally be posting updates like this on RabbitJounral, quickly listing all of the latest reviews. All scores are out of 5.

Peach Beach by Wakeman: 3.0
Another Story by stripe, Bluez, Buster and Roaster: 5.0
Queen of Board by Dethman: 2.0
Darn Mosquitoz by [Dr]Dre@m: 4.0

I read all comments, so leave one if you feel like it!

This was posted on RabbitJournal on October 4th 2007. You can post, too!

Quick news bit:

Unfortunately there is no Featured Download this month. Although there were a few decent uploads this month, there was no upload that deserved the Featured Download, and there was also a small amount of uploads(14) Better luck next time. DarkSonic