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20 Oct 2007 at 23:28

As some of you may know, I write a blog on JJ2 levels, mostly doing reviews of single player levels/episodes which I feel are noteworthy. I will occasionally be posting updates like this on RabbitJounral, quickly listing all of the latest reviews. All scores are out of 5.

Peach Beach by Wakeman: 3.0
Another Story by stripe, Bluez, Buster and Roaster: 5.0
Queen of Board by Dethman: 2.0
Darn Mosquitoz by [Dr]Dre@m: 4.0

I read all comments, so leave one if you feel like it!

- EvilMike

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JordanJett on 9 Oct 2007 at 21:49

Aliens have invaded earth

Slaz on 10 Oct 2007 at 18:58

I’ve recently readed all of your blog posts. I like that you have decided to give these good old classics some more attention, they deserve it!

EvilMike on 21 Oct 2007 at 03:46

Why was this reposted?

FQuist on 21 Oct 2007 at 04:36

Probably some bug.

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