Jazz2Online news for June 2017

Permalink Ori and the Will of the Wisps announced at E3 June 12th 2017

A sequel to the 2015 game “Ori and the Blind Forest,” a product of two community members (and a bunch of other people too) just been announced. You can find an atmospheric teaser trailer here, although it doesn’t seem to contain any actual gameplay footage or release date.

Perennial offhand mention Fortnite also got a trailer at E3, as did a bunch of other stuff that I haven’t looked at but which you’re welcome to discuss in the comments anyway.

(And while I have your attention, Arjan and CliffyB’s new game got a name at some point: LawBreakers.)


Permalink JJ2+ v5.5 released June 2nd 2017

Source: JCF announcement

A new version of JJ2+ has arrived! It’s a relatively big one this time – some highlights:

  • JJ2+ is now distributed with an installer, which will also automatically make the necessary .ini changes for you (and do other useful things).
  • Various changes that give people hosting servers more command-line options and make servers send more data to the list server.
  • The list server “message of the day” is now displayed in the server browser, if available.
  • Speed improvements, especially for levels with many lighting effects.
  • A less obnoxious spectator mode interface.
  • As usual, lots of bugfixes.

The full list of changes is in the changelog. Download the new version here!