Jazz2Online news for May 2006

Permalink New JDC season coming soon May 19th 2006

A new season of JDC will be starting soon, in approximately two weeks, either on the 3rd or 4th of June. In case you’re new or something, JDC, or the Jazz Duelist’s Challenge is a sort of open tournament we have for JJ2, where anyone may participate and schedule their own duels. If you’d like some more information, you can always read the information page.

For this season, we are going to be introducing a lot of new things for events. The scoring system and site will remain the same, but events are going to see a great expansion. With all the new developments in JJ2 hacking, gametypes which were impossible to do before are now easy to run, and other new things can be accomplished.

At the moment, the JDC site is still not prepared for the next season. In the next two weeks, don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of weird stuff – it’s probably just us testing things to make sure everything is working. I’ll make another news post once everything is prepared.

We are also always on the lookout for officials, particularly for Western Europe. If you think you can be of assistance, post a comment here, or post in the JCF thread in the tournaments forum. Officials should have good knowledge in English, be easy to contact, know how to use a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel) or at least be good with notepad so they can do scoring for events, and have a decent personality. A good internet connection is always helpful too, as is previous experience with JDC as a member.

Finally, if you are good at art, design a nice new logo for JDC and we might use it (but you have to post it in the thread). Otherwise we’ll just stick with one from a previous season.

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions you have.


Quick news bit:

Users will only be able to upload five uploads each month as a maximum, starting today. Users that have reached their limit will be able to upload levels again at the first day of the next calendar month. This has been added to prevent users from uploading a large amount of files in one time, and "flooding" the downloads section. Note that it is, of course, always possible to upload less than five levels.

Five uploads should hopefully be a reasonable limit, because if you really spend some effort at your levels/tilesets/utilities/etc, you'll be hard pressed to reach it. This system can still be adapted, suggestions can be posted in our feedback forum. Fquist