Jazz2Online news for June 2006

Permalink bla bla poll June 9th 2006

After nearly eight years, which tileset do you hate the most?

Castle – 17 Votes (12%)

Carrotus – 10 Votes (7%)

Labrat – 17 Votes (12%)

Colonius – 7 Votes (5%)

Psych – 11 Votes (8%)

Beach/Dock – 18 Votes (13%)

Diamondus – 13 Votes (9%)

Tubelectric – 4 Votes (3%)

Medivo – 5 Votes (4%)

Jungle – 15 Votes (11%)

Inferno/Hell/Heck – 12 Votes (9%)

Dam Nation – 2 Votes (1%)

Deanset – 9 Votes (6%)

Total votes: 140

Interesting dispersion. Maybe people will take this as a hint not to use some of those tilesets. Looks like Dam Nation’s fairly popular at the moment, though… good job, Disney!

This new poll tests the moral and ethical strength of the community as a whole. Make me proud. (Edit: No, I didn’t really expect you to.)


Permalink Haze's Hideout Anniversary; Redesign June 6th 2006

Haze’s Hideout, one of the best JJ2 sites, and one of the longest running (the longest-running active one) Jazz Jackrabbit sites, has reached its seventh anniversary:
Today marks the 6th 7th anniversary of Haze’s Hideout, one of the oldest Jazz Jackrabbit websites still active on the web. And with that we bring forth a new layout, various tidbits of new and updated content and a whole new attitude.
Many congratulations, Haze. Haze has always put quite some effort into creating a site that is a helpful, informative and fun addition to the community – he’s still on it, as the pretty new design and the recent news updates show. May it continue running for many more years. Be sure to leave your own compliments at his news post or this forum thread.

Haze deserved a much earlier newspost about this (and one as eloquently written as his site news is) but didn’t get one – for which my apologies. Exams can be distracting.


Permalink Featured Download June 1st 2006

Due to a number of issues the previous feature was skipped over. Although there was an abundance of good downloads such as AE’s Mushroom Kingdom Assault and Booshi’s Eastern Swampside which are both worthy of recognition. As for this month we have the legendary Dr Eggman’s Get Medieval! which missed the feature cause it wouldn’t work in a jj2 level as it’s in an mp3 format. So for this month’s feature we have Omen Woods A collaboration of community members involved in the creation of a tileset, LMAT.

Omen Woods, a tileset evolved from deanset is said to be set in a sort of jungle swamp enviornment with the added aspect of ancient remnants of civilizations and temples with a night time setting. To separate the set from others similar to it, there is another added aspect of mists in the background. To sum it all up, the atmosphere and theme is a mysterious and spooky landscape.

This feature will not contain a picture to avoid ruining first impressions as the sets’ feel and look can only be truly captured in play. The set also only works on a large scale as there is an absence of small details on the tiles; This set can only work for rather large levels. Omen Woods also contains a lot of limitations which the author must deal with such a strong theme, as obviously there aren’t many ways to use the set against its default look. Even so the set looks great on a large scale with its typical look and atmosphere.

This is a must download for anyone who has the slightest interest in tiesets. So download criticize/complement as you wish.


Permalink JDC website is now open June 1st 2006

The JDC website is now open. The season will begin on this Saturday, with the opening event.

Because the season has not started yet, you can’t add any duels or 2 on 2’s yet. I ask, however, that you log in, so that your account is recognised as active.

See the JDC site for details on the opening event.