Haze's Hideout Anniversary; Redesign

6 Jun 2006 at 02:24
Haze’s Hideout, one of the best JJ2 sites, and one of the longest running (the longest-running active one) Jazz Jackrabbit sites, has reached its seventh anniversary:
Today marks the 6th 7th anniversary of Haze’s Hideout, one of the oldest Jazz Jackrabbit websites still active on the web. And with that we bring forth a new layout, various tidbits of new and updated content and a whole new attitude.
Many congratulations, Haze. Haze has always put quite some effort into creating a site that is a helpful, informative and fun addition to the community – he’s still on it, as the pretty new design and the recent news updates show. May it continue running for many more years. Be sure to leave your own compliments at his news post or this forum thread.

Haze deserved a much earlier newspost about this (and one as eloquently written as his site news is) but didn’t get one – for which my apologies. Exams can be distracting.

- FQuist


Blackraptor on 6 Jun 2006 at 02:37

congratulations haze =P, long live the hideout!

MSB3000 on 7 Jun 2006 at 04:41


2more on 9 Jun 2006 at 22:37

My respect to Haze for creating a really outstanding site like no other! Keep up the good work. And here’s a carrot for ya <33333=

Jimbob on 1 Jul 2006 at 02:47

yes, ditto.

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