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1 Jun 2006 at 21:37

Due to a number of issues the previous feature was skipped over. Although there was an abundance of good downloads such as AE’s Mushroom Kingdom Assault and Booshi’s Eastern Swampside which are both worthy of recognition. As for this month we have the legendary Dr Eggman’s Get Medieval! which missed the feature cause it wouldn’t work in a jj2 level as it’s in an mp3 format. So for this month’s feature we have Omen Woods A collaboration of community members involved in the creation of a tileset, LMAT.

Omen Woods, a tileset evolved from deanset is said to be set in a sort of jungle swamp enviornment with the added aspect of ancient remnants of civilizations and temples with a night time setting. To separate the set from others similar to it, there is another added aspect of mists in the background. To sum it all up, the atmosphere and theme is a mysterious and spooky landscape.

This feature will not contain a picture to avoid ruining first impressions as the sets’ feel and look can only be truly captured in play. The set also only works on a large scale as there is an absence of small details on the tiles; This set can only work for rather large levels. Omen Woods also contains a lot of limitations which the author must deal with such a strong theme, as obviously there aren’t many ways to use the set against its default look. Even so the set looks great on a large scale with its typical look and atmosphere.

This is a must download for anyone who has the slightest interest in tiesets. So download criticize/complement as you wish.

- FireSworD


cooba on 1 Jun 2006 at 21:47

Well said, FS. ;b

Violet CLM on 1 Jun 2006 at 22:19

It really ought to be mentioned somewhere that it’s based off on Deanset, in terms of actual artwork if nothing else…

CrimiClown on 2 Jun 2006 at 17:12

Yay! makes love to Omen Woods

CrimiClown on 2 Jun 2006 at 21:20

… wait a tic… I’m not in the newspost… :(

ÄÉæÛÕ on 2 Jun 2006 at 23:12

I’ve never been mentioned in a newspost before.

NovaStar on 3 Jun 2006 at 04:16

Same as the other few hundred people here. Well, now I guess it would be fair to say tens.

SPAZ18 on 19 Aug 2006 at 19:21

When is the next Featured Download gonna be announced?

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