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Permalink Article about Dust mentions Jazz Jackrabbit July 24th 2012

Source: http://kotaku.com/5926588/dust-an-elysian-tail-makes-me-proud-of-my-right-forearm

This news is Jazz related by proxy. By that, I mean it brushes along the fringes of what might be Jazz Jackrabbit news.

It is Jazz in the news, if anything :).

So the Kotaku writer who got the Jazz tattoo has written an article on his impressions of Noogy’s Elysian Tail. He takes the time to speak of Dean’s involvement with Jazz Jackrabbit 2.


So that’s Noogy, Jazz, and Elysian Tail all in one article. Pretty nice to see. At least I thought so :).

Apologies to Mike Fahey. I just know him as the “Jazz tattoo guy” XD.

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Permalink JJ2+ resumes development July 16th 2012

BlurredD, creator of JJ2+, has released its source code to a team of planners and developers so that it can continue to be developed, even though he no longer personally has the free time to do so. The project is no longer dead; I however have no estimates to offer of when the next release will occur or what it will focus on, since we are still in the early exploratory stages, in terms of both working with the code itself and determining the structure and goals of the effort.

Even as we sit in happy anticipation of new features and bug fixes and stuff, a tremendous amount of thanks is due to blur for all his hard work in all the previous versions of JJ2+ — all but single-handedly extending the lifetime of JJ2’s multiplayer — laying the groundwork for future changes to be made, and of course being able to recognize his inability to continue development and then giving his code base into other hands. I know it can be awfully difficult to turn over the reins to something you’ve worked hard on, and blur deserves our fullest admiration and gratitude on all counts.

tl;dr: JJ2+ is not dead. JJ2 itself is not dead. Don’t go anywhere.


Quick news bit:

Bugfixes roundup: automated e-mails (such as signup confirmation or password recovery) should arrive again, and editing on the wiki also has been fixed. Other wiki bugs are currently being worked on. Stijn