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Permalink Cooperative Let's Play February 28th 2012

Source: Youtube

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re pretty good at Jazz 2. You probably know that it’s a much easier game than Jazz 1, and you may even know the official SP levels inside and out. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch some people who very clearly don’t know what they’re doing while they try to beat the game? In Cooperative mode?

That’s what I thought. (Warning for language.)

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Quick news bit:

It has come to our attention that several site functions, like searching or reviewing downloads, are broken. Please bear with us for the time being! cooba

Permalink Arjan Brussee leaves Guerilla for EA Games February 23rd 2012

Source: Gamer.nl

Arjan Brussee, the founder of Guerilla Games (Killzone) and lead programmer of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2 has announced today his departure at Guerilla Games. The reason for this is that he wants a new ambitious project and EA Games can give him that.

He will be the executive producer at Visceral Games (Dead Space). Jazz Jackrabbit 2 programmer Michiel van der Leeuw will take over Arjan’s old position within Guerilla.

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Permalink fEATURED dOWNLOAD February 20th 2012

Featured Download

Crime and Punishment by minmay
Even though Jailbreak and Bank Robbery are very fun custom game modes, you don’t see them played often, and definitely don’t see many of such levels uploaded. Hence why minmay’s pack deserves your full attention, featuring five! Jailbreak levels, five! Bank Robbery levels, adding up to a sum of ten!! fresh looking, cleverly designed and fun levels.

Somehow this one wasn’t reviewed at the time…


Permalink Opensource Jazz2 Demo Video February 14th 2012

Source: lun4rsoft.info

Hello everyone,

I uploaded a few video’s showcasing my work-in-progress Opensource rewrite of Jazz Jackrabbit 2.
The vids show a few levels being rendered at 1920×1080, while mantaining a high framerate.

Technodus Cargo Station (olctcs) on a 22-inch monitor:

Battle1 on a 42-inch led-TV:

Battle3 on a 42-inch led-TV:

This is not the final version, which will use a more optimized OpenGL renderer written by me. Also, things like animated tiles will be displayed correctly.

This is NOT the final version which will of course be more like JJ2 and less like a plain levelviewer.

Thanks for watching

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Permalink Single Screen Contest III: Voting! February 12th 2012

Source: JCF thread

The earlier RabbitJournal post about this contest beginning made it to the front page, so it makes sense to cut to the chase and post this directly instead of forcing it through the RJ approval process. plunK’s contest for levels between 20×15 and 40×30 in size is over, and it’s time to vote for the winner. Head on over to the JCF thread before February 19th to learn how to cast your votes! You can find the full list of entries in the thread, or else use our handy download tag.

ETA: Congratulations to Toni for the winning level Dungeon Paradise! You can find the complete contest results in this JCF post, though you might not want to read the rest of the thread since it’s gotten pretty acerbic.

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Permalink Don't give Mark a burrito. February 10th 2012

Source: Gamespot

Epic (Mega)Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney has been inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame. He (which is to say, the Unreal Engine) was introduced by coworker and friend Mark Rein. You can view the ceremony here: the Epic Games section starts at about 1:10, and the requisite Jazz Jackrabbit footage is at 1:19:25. ZZT and Jill of the Jungle get a lot more attention, but to be fair, ZZT’s community has quite a few years on our own.

With Tim, Mark, and Cliffy such deservedly important figures in gaming today, it seems only right to take a moment to remember who they’ll always be to us:

  • “Send Tim new socks.” – Fourteen Carrot
  • “Mark wears briefs. Hoo Hah!” – A Diamondus Forever
  • “Never give Cliffyb a pumpkin and a power tool.” – Spooky Sprint

Permalink Geek a Week interviews CliffyB February 9th 2012

Source: Epic Community

A guy named Len Peralta just interviewed CliffyB, and you can find the recording here if you’d like a few details about the man behind the legend. Most of it is stuff like Cliffy being a fan of musicals (his current favorite is Wicked) and his secret interest in film directing, but he does mention naming Jazz after a Transformers character. Catchier than being named Wubbo Ockels after Arjan’s dog, I suppose. Anyway, it’s not much, but it’s more lip-service than Cliffy gives in the interview to pretty much any other game he’s made.

P.S. Just to confirm I’m basically getting my news by watching our JJ Twitter sidepanel: Minecraft’s Notch has the following to say about the idea of someone funding CliffyB to make a new Jazz Jackrabbit:
hahahahaha :D :D :D


Permalink Featured Download February 4th 2012

Featured Download

BUT ENOUGH TALK! (Another OLC Battle Pack) by Obsessive Level Creators
Ever had a moment where your favorite band is very quiet, and then releases a brand new album by complete surprise? If not, then imagine that it feels just as good as this bombshell coming out of nowhere.
Seven top notch battle levels, ranging from “small” to “The Biggest Battle Level Ever Made”, this pack does not disappoint!

Next generation of amazing Battle levels
just got uploaded on J2O.
Review by Laro B. (9.0)

The last level … you know.
Review by CrimiClown