Jazz2Online news for May 2012

Permalink Epic Games interviewing Robert Allen May 30th 2012

Source: Epic Games

As a followup to Epic interviewing Alexander Brandon two weeks ago, today they’ve posted an interview with Robert Allen, composer for Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and also Epic Pinball. Click through to read a little about his musical creative process as filtered through the technical limitations of Jazz’s sound engine and the size of floppy discs.

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Permalink Epic Games interviewing Alexander Brandon May 16th 2012

Source: Epic Games

Epic Games has interviewed Alexander Brandon, the music composer for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and 3D. This is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Epic Games. Alexander has a rich history within Epic Games because he composed music for games such as Tyrian, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, TSF, Unreal and Unreal Tournament. So for Epic Games it was a must to ask some questions about his career, his vision, how he gets insperation and ofcourse what the future brings!

Go check the Epic Games interview with Alexander Brandon here!

A little fun fact is that Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2 are one of his favorite games.

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Permalink JazzCast has born! May 14th 2012

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uthnbZRxY_8

Check it out!
in an other game there were these kind of videos and i found them quite interesting and inspiring so here we go. Anyway I know that these aren’t the best things evar happened in JJ2, just some recent recordings.

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Permalink Dust: An Elysian Tale alive and kicking May 12th 2012

Source: Giantbomb

Are we still into Noogy here? Well, whatever. I’m still into Noogy and I’m the one who gets to post news about whatever I want.

As you may know, Noogy/Dean Dodrill (creator of Lori, much of TSF, the JJ2 cinematics, and some of the visuals for JJ3) has been working on a game called Dust: An Elysian Tale. Apparently it was showcased at PAX East last month, and there’s just been a nice video of it put up on Giantbomb. The video combines an interview with Noogy, where he talks about learning programming and totally sells himself short regarding how much he contributed to the Jazz series, with more footage of Dust than I’d ever seen before let alone all at once.

Noogy interview; footage of a great 2D platformer; Noogy saying that Cliffy still has his contact info and should definitely give him a ring if Epic ever wants to make another Jazz game; lots of great stuff for a four minute video!

Noogy also suggests that he’ll be starting another game when Dust is done, raising the question of what’s happening with the Elysian Tale movie, especially with those 16-hour workdays he claims to be pulling. There are still a few of us out there who’ve been missing Bonnie for a long, long time now.


Permalink Epic 20th Anniversary OST May 9th 2012

Source: Epic Community

As part of Epic Games’ 20th Anniversary Celebration, they’ve just put out a celebratory Original Soundtrack of twenty songs pulled and “remastered” from some of their various releases over the years, including the menu song from Jazz 1 and “Pull Back the Bass” from Jazz 2. Check it out and leave some positive comments here!

(Also on the retro side are tunes from Jill of the Jungle, Epic Pinball, Tyrian, and the earlier Unreals. No OMF or Xargon, though.)

Do you agree with Epic’s choices of songs to represent JJ1 or JJ2, or would you have chosen something different? In before “Tubelectric.”


Permalink Mike Fahey is a pretty cool dude. May 7th 2012

Source: Kotaku

Last week I put up a link to Kotaku’s photos of Epic’s graffiti-covered stairway, which included a representation of our own favorite green space bunny. (Sorry, Bucky O’Hare!) You may have gotten the impression the article’s author was pretty into Jazz, and it looks like that was correct, because today he’s gone and gotten himself a Jazz Jackrabbit tattoo. It uses some of Noogy’s art, not Nick’s, but hopefully we don’t have to make that a point of contention.

Have any of you ever thought about getting a Jazz tattoo? I know I have, but I lack the requisite disposable income. What would you get and where would it go? Sound off in the comments!


Permalink Holidaius included in Jazz for Windows Phone May 1st 2012

Source: Dobermann Software

About a month and a half ago we reported on Dobermann Software’s Jazz remake/fangame for Windows Phone. Here’s a fun secret: the game actually includes (the first two levels of) Holidaius, the planet from Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare ’94! To visit Holidaius, pause the game using the back button, and then press in order: fire, jump, stick, stick, jump, stick. You can find this and other cheat codes for the game at Dobermann’s forums.

(Yeah, I’m posting a news item about a secret in a fangame. Holidaius is cool, okay?)


Permalink Jazz graffiti at Epic May 1st 2012

Source: Kotaku

This is cute. Epic Games has a stairway decorated with graffiti of some of their various releases, and while I’m sure we can all name a few they left out, it’s good to see Jazz gets a spot — to say nothing of star billing in the Kotaku article about it.