Jazz2Online news for July 2013

Permalink [Final Update] Custom levels get Let's Played September 3rd 2013

The Let’s Play Jazz Jackrabbit series has concluded the JJ1 leg, with three(!) videos showcasing the community’s custom works.
Part 1:

Bad Seed
Nippius Heights
Untitled Diamondus Level
Part 2:

Sonic With A Gun Demo
Lost Ages
Part 3:

Mission Spaz: Foreseeable Future

Stay tuned for the Jazz 2 part of the Let’s Play!


Permalink Get your JJ1 level played in a Let's Play July 22nd 2013

Source: The Something Awful Forums

You might, or might not, have heard of the stupidly good Jazz Jackrabbit Let’s Play by our former members Segmentation Fault, Garnavis and Donnor. In case you haven’t, here’s the deal: they will be covering all four games in detail, with snappy commentary and brilliant Technicolor™ 480p.

So far, Jazz Jackrabbit 1 has been almost fully covered – the only thing left are the custom levels, made by no one else than us. And even though there is no shortage of those, the guys saw how making JJ1 levels is very simple nowadays, and decided to hold a level making jam!

Make a Jazz 1 map and share it here with us! At the end of the Jazz 1 section of the LP, we’ll showcase all the maps people have made! There’s only two requirements for your map to be a part of the jimmmjgh:

1. It must actually run in Jazz.
2. It must have an end-of-level sign somewhere in the level.

The deadline is Thursday, July 25th, which can be worryingly close – but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your jam on! Start by downloading J1E, the template level, and make something cool in a couple hours. And if this couldn’t be easier, remember that there is a modification of JCS rejigged just for the purpose of editing JJ1 levels in the way you edit JJ2 levels. Plus, if you always considered making a JJ1 level but decided against since “nobody would play it”, keep in mind that the average views per video is currently about 350…


Permalink JJ2+ splash screen contest July 11th 2013

Source: JCF thread

Aren’t you people tired of seeing the same splash screen everytime? I know I am. So is incumbent JJ2+ overlord Violet, who just announced a contest for a brand new screen:

If you draw us a great enough new splash screen, we’ll put it in future releases of JJ2+ to replace the original!

Head over to the JCF thread for more info.


Permalink Yet Another Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Article July 9th 2013

Source: http://www.alienwarearena.com/articles/view/Retro-Revival-Jazz-Jackrabbit-2/

I was putzing around on the Internet, and I found This article on Alienwarearena.com, dated January 30th 2013, about our favorite mean green hare. Dunno if anybody’s already seen/posted it already, but I thought I’d pass it along anyway. They mentioned J2O too, which I thought that was pretty cool.

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Permalink Tweakers.net interviews Arjan Brussee July 7th 2013

Source: Tweakers.net

The Dutch technology website Tweakers.net has travelled all the way to Silicon Valley to interview Arjan Brussee (that’s the guy who came up with Jazz). Arjan, originally a Dutchie, now works at Electronic Arts in Silicon Valley.

Tweakers.net has posted a 15-minute video report in which they talk about Arjan’s successful career, and of course the various games he has created. There is a fair amount of footage of both Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2.

Arjan talks about Jazz’s success story, explaining in depth how Jazz Jackrabbit 1 was distributed at that time.

“People could buy the demo version on disk in a local store. But if they would like to get the full version, in the USA, they would have to call a 1-800 phone number and some family member of Tim Sweeney would get you the disk to send it to you personally.”

The full video (in Dutch) can be viewed on Tweakers.net

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Permalink Zeal quits hosting July 6th 2013

Source: The JCF

It has been announced that DanZeal, the long-time JJ2 dedicated server host, is shutting down the network after five years of 24/7 service.

It has been alot of fun having the server running, but I feel that I have run out of reasons to keep it up. It’s taking me time, energy and money to having it up. It’s with a sad feeling but also a relief to press the power button.

The J2O staff would like to profoundly thank DanZeal in his efforts to keep the game alive for such a long amount of time. Other than maintaing his own servers Zeal Alpha and Zeal Duels, the Zeal network has been home to other servers, namely Anniversary Bashes 10 and 14, and also numerous JDC events.

Personally, I have also had a short-lived pleasure of maintaining a Jailbreak server on the network, for which I’m still grateful and proud of!

It is yet unknown whether the jazzjackrabbit.net clan ladder will continue to function.