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Permalink Featured Download October 23rd 2010

Featured Download

Dream Stage by Snooze

This featured upload captures the players in its dark confines, where nothing is what it seems. Yes, we are talking about Snooze’s Dream Stage, a wonderful world tinted in blue and filled with black. This magnificent level will leave people staring in awe at the beautiful environment, created with the skills we have come to expect.

Stunning beautiful, a fantastic atmosphere you set up with the eyecandy Snooze.
Review by the jamster (9.7)

I don’t get it why you never released it.
Review by Loon (8.6)

There was some pretty rough competition, but in the end Dream Stage stood above all. Honorable mentions go to EvilMike’s ISLAND LEVEL WITH ISLANDS and Not-So-Evil Fortress. Congratulations!


Permalink More Contests October 14th 2010

Source: JCF

Besides the Wind Meister Map Making Competition J2O reported on earlier, several more contests have sprung up in the last few days, providing plenty more opportunities to be inspired to take your JCS work in a specific direction and compete against your peers in the community.

Permalink Featured Download October 9th 2010

Featured Download

Lava Fortress by Obi1mcd

The star of this featured upload is Obi1mcd’s excellent Lava Fortress tileset, which tackles an interesting concept: technology and flames mixed together. The style, though quite cartoony, manages to impress with its level of detail and diversity. If you like this theme, you won’t be disappointed!

A very nicely drawn tileset. Here’s hoping it gets used in the near future.
Review by the jamster (8.5)

This tileset is just…perfect.
Review by Ron97 (9.9)

This is my first Featured Upload, so it may not be that good. I will improve in the future, promise!


Permalink Calzone Dream Module Trumpet Solo Contest November 1st 2010

Here is a link to this thread on the JCF:

well.. Ultimately the purpose here isn’t a contest, but for musical creation. What I have is a simply formatted jazz chord progression and bassline, written in .it, and a horn sample (which you’ll recognize from JJ2) but I was never able to finish any sort of melody over these chords.

So you can download the file, do whatever you want with it, rename the file to distinguish your authorship, and upload. If whomever participates wishes, we can declare a winner among us.. but that’s not even the point! I just want to hear what people would come up with.

Delete whatever I have in channel 13, and start from scratch! Or base yours off mine. It’s really all your decision.


This is a link to download the file:

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