Jazz2Online news for April 2009

Permalink GamesFM to host an episode full of Jazz April 25th 2009

Next week the Dutch online Radio station GamesFM will host a full week of retro gaming radio. One two-hour episode, hosted by Jim Vorwald and me, will be dedicated to the Jazz Jackrabbit series. Amongst other things, it includes an in-depth interview with lead programmer Arjan Brussee from Guerilla/Orange Games.

The episode will likely be streamed live and released as a podcast on friday evening 1 May.

Update: The episode can now be downloaded. Note that it is in Dutch!


Permalink Short reminder about music uploads April 20th 2009

If you upload music, it may only be Jazz-related, or for use with a large levelpack you upload. No original songs.

This includes uploading JJ2’s tracks to J2O under a changed format (wtf?). If you made a track usable within JJ2, please get yourself a ModArchive or scene.org account and put them there. Thanks.


Permalink Improv Weekly Maping Contests April 20th 2009

Feel like competing in contests? Feel like making maps but don’t want to spend lots of time on them? Well maybe you should try my Improv Mapping Contests.

I will regularly be posting in this thread:
These are mapping contests, but they are more for fun and creativity, and are smaller topics aimed to take around 30-90 minutes per entry.

Topics range from single player bosses to custom concept maps to higher quality 1vs1 maps.

Check it Out, enter, and have fun doing it!

This was posted on RabbitJournal on April 19th 2009. You can post, too!

Permalink A fix for connections timing out? April 13th 2009

Source: JCF thread

Do you find yourself still getting the Connection Timed Out error in JJ2, even after hours of messing with the router and dozens of attempts with the JJ2 UDP port chooser? BlurredD’s newest announcement might be your chance:

Cpp and I are trying to figure out why exactly some players timeout after joining a server, but we need testers to do so.

By helping BlurredD and Cpp (formerly Overlord) test their new work, you not only have a chance of properly playing JJ2 online, but you also help out other people troubled by timeouts :o


Quick news bit:

A large JJ2+ update has been just released, featuring numerous bug fixes and new features. Note: A small fix has just been released, so if you downloaded it on the 9th, it is recommended that you download it again, especially if you have had problems with the latest release. Latest version: April 10, 2009. cooba

Permalink Anniversary Bash 11 details April 8th 2009

The Anniversary Bash will start on April 10th (Friday), 15:00 GDT.

On April 9th, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and its community will become eleven years old. The yearly celebration event is just coming!

Thanks to DanielZeal, the dedicated server will run 24/7 for four days, hosting the traditional battle and CTF level loops. The level packs aren’t yet available for download, but look towards them very soon!

It’s highly recommended that you download the excellent JJ2+ addon before joining the server, too. If you’re going to celebrate, may as well celebrate big, which JJ2+ certainly allows!

The J2O staff hopes to see everyone at the server :)


Permalink Anniversary Bash 11 April 5th 2009

The yearly celebration event is just around the corner! The level lists (assembled by Ragnarok this year) have just been finalized:

Battle List
01 – Headhitting by Snooze
02 – King’s Crown by Newspaz
03 – The Emerald Eye by plunK
04 – Surreal Scenery City by Snooze
05 – Aurora Citadel by FawFuL and Hitch
06 – Action Attic v2 by BlurredD
07 – Corsair’s Coast by Blackraptor
08 – Epical Elements by Darksonic
09 – Hellforge by Eigus
10 – Enter the Chaos by FireSworD
11 – Intercity Grudge Match by BlurredD
12 – Condemned by PurpleJazz
13 – TITLED Trije by Crimiclown and Darksonic
14 – Pleased with Presents by FawFuL
15 – EvilMike’s Evil Fortress by EvilMike
16 – Device by Darksonic and Snooze
17 – Agony Void by P4ul
18 – An Uninspired Psych Level by cooba
19 – Untitled Prupel Level by Darksonic
20 – Lux Aeterna by ShadowGPW
Capture List
01 – City of the Snooze by PurpleJazz
02 – Starlit Summit by Ragnarok
03 – Dubbed Marine by Crimiclown
04 – Clipboard Chaos by Snooze
05 – High Volume CTF by FireSworD
06 – Castle of Mysteries by Hitch
07 – Surreal Landscapes CTF by FireSworD
08 – TITLED Deux by Crimiclown and Darksonic
09 – Mt. Helens by Superjazz
10 – Technologized Shockwaves by FawFuL
11 – Chernobyl Catacombs by valmango
12 – Destroyed Cassis Factory by Snooze
13 – SlaB RatZ by ShadowGPW
14 – Nuclear Afterblast by BlurredD
15 – Industrial Intersect by Darksonic
16 – Space Cataclysm by Overlord
17 – Pinball Arena 2k5 by Blackraptor
18 – The Gauntlet by Daniel Zeal
19 – Sanctuary by CelL
20 – Sanguinary Sanctuary by cooba

Stay tuned for more bash11 information!


Permalink 24 April 1st 2009

By the end of the day, Jazz2Online will have a brilliant prank that will shock everyone without an exception. You think you won’t get fooled again? Well tough luck! Prepare to be un-believe your eyes soon!

Please drop by the pictures section to see a preview of our new site features. – FQuist