GamesFM to host an episode full of Jazz

24 Apr 2009 at 22:28

Next week the Dutch online Radio station GamesFM will host a full week of retro gaming radio. One two-hour episode, hosted by Jim Vorwald and me, will be dedicated to the Jazz Jackrabbit series. Amongst other things, it includes an in-depth interview with lead programmer Arjan Brussee from Guerilla/Orange Games.

The episode will likely be streamed live and released as a podcast on friday evening 1 May.

Update: The episode can now be downloaded. Note that it is in Dutch!

- ShadowGpW


Lark on 25 Apr 2009 at 05:28


Violet CLM on 25 Apr 2009 at 05:53

Two hours? That’s insane.

Falcury on 25 Apr 2009 at 09:10

Awesome. I’ll be listening.

Vegito on 25 Apr 2009 at 09:51

Sounds like a lot of fun if I remember/have time

CrimiClown on 25 Apr 2009 at 11:30

grabs old fm radio

…oh, a PODCAST. Okay… gotta get an iPod.

Slaz on 25 Apr 2009 at 13:31

This is the first time I became interested in online radio. Well done!

Ninja on 25 Apr 2009 at 17:55

i have a boner. can i be the dj and play jj2 club remixes. will there be guests? can i call and say hewwo!!! :D :D :D

FQuist on 25 Apr 2009 at 20:56

some might have missed the dutch part of the news message

n00b on 25 Apr 2009 at 22:19

Awesome, can’t wait.

Bobby aka Dizzy on 26 Apr 2009 at 02:46

@FQ I didn’t miss that… hopefully someone will summarize the interesting stuff :)

Ninja on 26 Apr 2009 at 04:38

oh sure, exclude me cuz i’m not dutch. racist..

plunK on 26 Apr 2009 at 16:54

dang does that mean it will be spoken in dutch?

FQuist on 26 Apr 2009 at 22:53


MoonBlazE on 27 Apr 2009 at 01:21

Can we get an English resumé posted later?

PT32 on 27 Apr 2009 at 02:41

yes, please!

Ninja on 27 Apr 2009 at 03:15

you guys are so lazy and demanding. how about you just learn to speak dutch?

Haze on 1 May 2009 at 16:05

So that no one misses it: the episode is up at

And if you haven’t learned Dutch by now… enjoy the gibberish spliced with Jazz tracks!

Slaz on 1 May 2009 at 21:45

I have just finished listening to the full podcast, making this the first time I actually turned on web radio and it made this simple evening the best event of the week!

@Haze: A reason to update your site? ;)

DarkSonic on 1 May 2009 at 22:15

I’ve listened everything from the beginning till the end. It’s great to hear tunes from Jazz Jackrabbit on the radio. I’m not sure if I agree with the top 5 tunes, but that’s my opinion. The typical Dutch humour made me laugh a few times (although there was quite a lot of swearing) But it was really interesting so I can’t say I wasted two hours by listening to this.

cooba on 2 May 2009 at 19:11

English transcript please! :(

master sven on 2 May 2009 at 20:38

Summary: So we are taling about JazzJackrabbit only now….

n00b on 3 May 2009 at 06:30

Listening to it right now, and why did you guys bring up Star Wars episode 1 racer? That took me for a surprise

PT32 on 12 May 2009 at 00:35

it’s actually funny, the jockeys speak in English every few sentences. There was a lot of potty mouthing, but its all right.

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