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Permalink JDC season has begun May 31st 2009

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JDC season 17 has started. Congrats to napoleon for winning the opening event.

From now on the news will all be on the JDC site, so check it often for news on events and other things.


Permalink JDC Season 17 starts on saturday May 26th 2009

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The new JDC season is starting soon, and it would be a good idea to log in now if you plan on participating, so your account is marked as active. The opening event will be hosted on Saturday (and the listing should be posted within the next few days). Also, expect an encore in Sunday if the event is busy, which it probably will be.

The results of the J2O poll were tied: 16 people wanted a long season, 16 people wanted a shorter one. In order to break the tie, we decided to count the votes by officials and admins and see what the people who actually run the tournament think. The result was about 2:1 in favour of a long season, and so a long season it will be. There has been no decision on exact length (it will depend in part on activity), but we’re aiming for something in the range of 10 to 12 weeks here.

For more info, see the news post on the JDC site.

Another news post will be made here on J2O when the season begins, but after that all news will be on JDC. If you want, you add a JDC news sidepanel to your J2O front page by going here. This will allow you to see JDC news headlines from the j2o front page.

As a final note, if you are having trouble logging in to JDC (forgot your password?), feel free to send me a private message on J2O or the JCF, and I can sort things out for you.

Update: The opening event has been scheduled. See the JDC site for the exact time and other details.


Permalink :-# May 20th 2009

How should the next JDC season(s) be organized?
Do one long season 16 votes (26%)
Do two shorter seasons with a break (…) 16 votes (26%)
Either way is fine 21 votes (34%)
Just shut down JDC for good. It sucks. 8 votes (13%)
Total votes: 61

What will now happen to JDC 17? Stay tuned for the opening event on May 30th!


Permalink J2O Twitter May 20th 2009

Jazz2Online has joined the SOCIAL WEB REVOLUTION and can now be followed on Twitter. For now, whenever someone uploads something to our downloads section, the Jazz2Online Twitter status will automatically be updated with a short description and a link to the download. It also reports news.

So if you want to be the first to hear about new downloads, follow us on Twitter! J2O’s account name is, of course, jazz2online.

We might expand this later to also include updates about other parts of the site. So stay tuned for updates on this!

Talking about Twitter; you might have noticed the “JJ Twitter” panel in the J2O sidebar. This will display any recent Twitter status updates related to Jazz Jackrabbit or this site.


Permalink Giant Bomb - JJ2 entry June 4th 2009

You guys may find this interesting:


General gaming wiki that is clearly in need of some more Jazz info…

This was posted on RabbitJournal on May 9th 2009. You can post, too!

Permalink Featured Download May 4th 2009

Featured Download
March April
Okay I know it’s late Yeah, a double feature, big woop
Mt. Helens by
RollerCoaster Park by Moonblaze
A volcano themed Capture the Flag map, something that has been attempted several times but never pulled off to such a high standard, until now… Mt. Helens brings you a totally new layout and some fresh gameplay. The background speaks for itself, as shown in the picture.

Superjazz brings us an extremely high-quality level in a common set, yet the appearance is totally new. Don’t miss this opportunity to download the level NOW.
MoonBlaze strikes again with his newest tileset, with an exhilleratingly new possibilities and again, a tremendous new theme. Rollercoaster Park is not only very easy to use, it’s amongst the best in any tileset list.

Download this set now if you haven’t done so already.

Permalink JDC Season 17 starting soon May 2nd 2009

Source: JCF thread

The next season of JDC will be starting soon, probably some time around the end of this month. Right now we are still in the planning stages, and the site has not yet been fully set up.

For those of you who have never played in JDC before, I might as well explain what it is. JDC is a JJ2 tournament that is run periodically, and is open to everyone. You are free to schedule your own games, and large events are hosted occasionally where you can get extra points (many people play only for the events). The main goal of JDC is having fun, and a lot of points simply come from participating, but skill is still needed to become #1.

We are currently running a new logo contest for the tournament. See the JCF thread for more details. Everyone is free to submit as many entries as they want, and the winner gets to have their logo featured on the site.

Season 16 was fairly successful and one of the most active seasons the tournament has ever had, and I hope that the next season will be a success as well. However, we are have not decided on one major thing: how long the season should be.

JDC 16 ran for 7 weeks. We are contemplating on running a longer season for JDC 17, possibly spanning 11 or 12 weeks. In other words it would run for a large chunk of the summer. If we do this, it will be the longest season we have had in many years. If we go with this option, season 18 will likely not happen until the winter.

The other option is to make JDC 17 last 6 or 7 weeks. If we do this, we will likely run season 18 during the late summer/early fall, rather than the winter, and make it the same length as season 17. In between the two seasons there would be a 4-6 week break.

In other words, the choice is between one long season, or two short(er) seasons. If you have an opinion, please vote in the j2o poll. The poll will not determine how the season will be arranged, but it will give us an idea of what people want, and strongly influence our decision.