Jazz2Online news for March 2017

Permalink list.jazzjackrabbit.com back online April 2nd 2017

Source: JCF post

Nimrod reports that someone at Epic has fixed list.jazzjackrabbit.com so it again works as a Jazz Jackrabbit 2 list server. This means those with vanilla JJ2 will be able to view the server list and join games again. Yay!


Permalink Anniversary Bash 19 is coming March 24th 2017

Source: JCF Thread

Since Jazz 2’s release in April 1998, it’s become an annual tradition to get together and celebrate with twenty or so Battle and CTF levels, some made in the last year (often at the last minute) and some drawn from JJ2’s long history of great level design. And now it’s almost time for another one! Treylina, the event organizer, has all the details on the JCF, but here’s the important bits:

AB19 will begin April 14 and run till April 17, Friday to Monday. Recent tradition has the first two days playing straight Battle/CTF matches, then the last two days spicing it up with alternate gamemodes and/or mutators. As such, having JJ2+ will be required in order to join the bash server.

At this time the two level lists have not been finalized. If you want to make any new levels for the bash, you have until April 12 to submit them, although obviously sooner is better than later so they can be tested more thoroughly. Contact Treylina or PurpleJazz if you have any specific questions.

Tell your friends! Traditionally a lot of people who haven’t been playing so actively of late will come back to play specifically for the anniversary bash, so it’s important to get the word out there that it’s happening again. :) Look forward to it!

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Permalink Jazz cameo in Horizon Zero Dawn March 19th 2017

Source: h/t/ Skunk Shampoo

Horizon Zero Dawn is a video game that came out recently for the PS4, and a few people on YouTube have noticed it includes a cameo-of-sorts from Jazz. Here’s a representative video. As you can see, there are two non-threatening rabbits, and one of them is named Jazz and the other is named… Jack.

Yeah, it’s kind of a least-possible-effort cameo, but at least one of them drops a green item when killed.


Permalink Scripting contest: recreate old hoaxes March 6th 2017

Source: JCF thread

FireSword is running a contest with an unusual but fun objective: use JJ2+‘s new features to recreate those old hoaxes that showed JJ2 doing then-impossible things. Remember the 1.25 april fools joke? Those and other hoax-y screenshots would actually be feasible with a little scripting finesse, and FireSword is putting a prize out for whoever does it best.

It’s not clear what the prize will actually be, but it’s promised to be “relatively big”, so get scripting if that sounds enticing – the tentative deadline is April 1st (how fitting).

(And remember, the Assault the Base contest is still running as well!)