Jazz2Online news for December 2009

Permalink Happy Non-Denominational Festive Holiday December 24th 2009

The Jazz2Online staff wishes you a very fine Christmas (or other holiday you happen to celebrate) and a happy 2010!


Permalink JCS Awards 2009: Voting December 24th 2009

Source: JCF

The nominations have ended, and voting has begun. Anyone may vote, and you may vote for one item in each category. However, you do not have to vote for all of the categories. Details (and the nominees) are in the thread.

I’ll also add one more way you can vote: if you don’t have a JCF account for some reason, you can post your votes as a comment to this news post, or PM me on J2O. Same rules apply as in the thread.

Voting will continue until at least the middle of January. The end date will be announced later. Otherwise, it will just end whenever the thread dies down.


Permalink JDC 18 starting next weekend December 13th 2009

Source: JDC

The next winter JDC season is going to start on December 20th. The website is setup and ready to go, with a new logo (courtesy Dodges) to boost. As always, remember to login/register so that the system considers you as active. BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN IF YOU DON’T. If you’re having trouble with logging in, contact one of the admins and we’ll sort things out for you.

This will be a shorter season than usual, probably around 5 weeks long. Other than that, it should be similar to our last few seasons, including the fact that each round is worth more points than the last.

Expect more news soon, and watch out for the opening event!


Permalink JCS Awards 2009: Nominations thread December 10th 2009

Source: JCF Thread

The time has begun to choose the best JCS releases of 2009!

This year, we’ll be doing it in three stages. The first stage is choosing nominations, the second stage is voting, and the third stage is, of course, the official announcement of the awards.

Right now we are doing the nominations. See the JCF thread for details. Anyone may post nominations, and I recommend that you post as many as possible. This will allow for the voting process to be as fair and as open as it can be.

Another news post will be made when voting begins.


Permalink Featured Download of November December 6th 2009

The end of the year is closing in, and only two featured downloads of 2009 will pass the finish line… This month’s award goes to…

November’s Featured Download

Aftermath by LMAT

It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it happens, it’s great. Let’s Make A Tileset, a community-effort to make a tileset (!) strikes once or less a year to give us a great tileset to work with. This time, I haven’t been involved personally, but I’m proud of the results. This set is worth a try, and while you’re at it, read my review write a review! 9.7!!