Jazz2Online news for January 2010

Permalink UniverseJazz downloads indexed January 25th 2010

You may remember UniverseJazz, a Jazz Jackrabbit fansite that was more or less the direct precursor to Jazz2Online. Like J2O, UniverseJazz (or UJ) had a sizeable archive of downloads. These were uploaded to Jazz2Online years ago, but never were integrated with the “normal” downloads so it was not possible to search through them or use J2O features such as file preview.

But no longer! As of today, all UniverseJazz downloads have been converted to fit in with Jazz2Online’s own downloads. Some data, such as the original upload date and credits, has unfortunately been lost with the demise of UJ, but most of it has been converted. See for yourself at:


Where possible the download authors have been linked to their Jazz2Online profiles. If you see any mistakes or unlinked authors, however, please report them so we can update the records.


Permalink J2O Feature Roundup January 22nd 2010

In the past few weeks several new features were added to Jazz2Online, so I thought it might be useful to give a short digest so you don’t miss out:

  • The sidepanels on the frontpage (those boxes you see at the right side of this page) are now more easily configurable. Simply click “Customize” at the bottom and a configuration panel will pop up, allowing you to add new panels. Similarly, panels currently shown can easily be removed or rearranged by dragging them around using their title bar as a handle.
  • One new side panel has been added; with thanks to the jazzjackrabbit.net staff, J2O can now show a quick overview of the most recent clan matches added to JJ.net.
  • You can now organize downloads into lists; this might be useful if you, for example, want to make a list for yourself of downloads you want to review at a later point. Simply hover your mouse over the star icon in the downloads list and a menu will pop up for you where you can organize your lists.
  • You can now view what other uploads a particular file has also been used in. This allows you to easily get an overview of all uploads using a particular tileset, for example. Simply click a filename in the file content listing for a download (and then “More downloads containing this file” if a preview pops up) to view related files.

We hope you appreciate these new additions. If you have any suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!


Permalink An important message... March 22nd 2010

Nobody loves me anymore. Someone ask me to make an example level for your tileset, and I won’t let you down. :)

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Permalink JCS Awards 2009 January 11th 2010

Source: JCF thread

This year’s JCS awards have been finally posted:
Best Battle of 2009: Rainforest Revelry by Ragnarok and cooba
Best CTF of 2009: Golem Landscapes by FireSworD
Best Other MP Level of 2009: Karrot Shire by Falcury and Wadledee
Best Multiplayer pack of 2009: New Ages IV – THE RAIN by Snooze
Best Singleplayer of 2009: The Fortress of Ruin by EvilMike
Best Tileset of 2009: Casualty Mines by Gus
Best JCSer of 2009: EvilMike
Most Improved JCSer of 2009: Dodges and Gus
EvilMike, the organiser of this year’s awards (and also a winner in two categories!), had a few wise words to say:

Well, that’s all for 2009. For a game that came out in 1998, it’s impressive that J2O still has good stuff being uploaded. Let’s hope 2010 is the same.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and keep on JCSing!


Permalink J2O Music Torrent January 10th 2010

Upon request, I’ve made available a torrent containing all music files on Jazz2Online (see this newspost). This archive contains all j2b, mod, xm, s3m, mtm, mo3, umx and it files ever uploaded to this site, 1449 files to be exact. Please seed after downloading.

The torrent can be downloaded from LegitTorrents, here


Permalink Need Sonicthemed things January 10th 2010

ATTENTION PEOPLE!!! Im gonna make Sonic SP pack, but i need help, can anyone make tilesets and get music from Sonic…Or make Sonicthemed music…Huh?
If yes, email me at Stepan.n100@gmail.com

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Permalink J2O mod archive January 8th 2010

I’m toying around with a file browser for jj2-compatible music hosted on j2o. Might be useful for people searching for a level background music. Warning: beta!


Quick news bit:

A reminder: J2O has features that allow you to preview the contents of .j2l and .j2t files from within .zip files. However, these images should be treated as a preview only, and it does not make sense to review a file without having downloaded it. You cannot have a detailed sense of how a level plays by looking at what is essentially its mask; you cannot have a sense of how usable a tileset is by looking at its layout without trying it out in JCS, and if there is an example level, you should play that and check how it's built. Obviously it can be hard for us to tell from a review, particularly a quick review, if you have downloaded something or not, but this is a matter of laziness vs. upright, respectful behavior, and we at J2O hope we can count on you to do the right thing and consider people's work carefully before reviewing it. Violet CLM

Permalink Featured Download of December January 3rd 2010

Happy New Year! Time for a new award!

December’s Featured Download

Prismatic Palace by LMAT

LMAT strikes again. I don’t know HOW they do it, or why they take over a year, but at least we’re getting some great stuff to work with. This time, we get ourselves into some funky painting class with this new tileset. A very advanced tileset that makes you colour up a black-and-white castle setting. Aside from a little dirt and grass, most of the tileset has to be built in several layers at the same time, as the example level demonstrates. This baby needs a lot of skill to work with, and will definitely take you some time, but the possibilities are nearly endless!… well until you run out of colours.