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25 Jan 2010 at 15:25

You may remember UniverseJazz, a Jazz Jackrabbit fansite that was more or less the direct precursor to Jazz2Online. Like J2O, UniverseJazz (or UJ) had a sizeable archive of downloads. These were uploaded to Jazz2Online years ago, but never were integrated with the “normal” downloads so it was not possible to search through them or use J2O features such as file preview.

But no longer! As of today, all UniverseJazz downloads have been converted to fit in with Jazz2Online’s own downloads. Some data, such as the original upload date and credits, has unfortunately been lost with the demise of UJ, but most of it has been converted. See for yourself at:


Where possible the download authors have been linked to their Jazz2Online profiles. If you see any mistakes or unlinked authors, however, please report them so we can update the records.

- Stijn


DoubleGJ on 26 Jan 2010 at 11:06


Slaz on 26 Jan 2010 at 23:45

Let’s see if I remember some of ‘em.

Zoro on 27 Jan 2010 at 03:38

(thumbs up)

Enigma on 27 Jan 2010 at 19:11

Haha, good god. I hate you for remembering which of the guys on UJ was me and which horrid levels are associated with my person ;-)

Mercurio on 27 Jan 2010 at 20:06

And suddenly I feel very very old.

Toni_ on 28 Jan 2010 at 20:51

Good! =D

draykon on 11 Feb 2010 at 17:07

i’ve uploaded an new level called Saturn please try yt if u want

FawFul on 11 Feb 2010 at 18:16

that’s good for your new level but has nothing to do with this.

PT32 on 25 Feb 2010 at 17:50

someone please fill this uninformed and behind-the-times person in

Mercurio on 5 Mar 2010 at 14:12

Fill in on UniverseJazz? It was the ‘big’ JJ2 site after Jazz2City went down. UJ also went down after a while and J2O kinda replaced it.

I don’t remember all the details though, nor what happened to Annihilator.

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