Jazz2Online news for November 2009

Permalink Crysis: Jump n run games losing popularity April 21st 2010

Now that the Shoot ‘em Up games are being that successful, even less people play Jump ‘n Run games like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Jazz Jackrabbit itself. This is an advertising message: If it keeps on being like that with us too, sooner or later noone will be playing Jump n Run games, and slowly this website will lack of users, then of guests, then it will die. Let’s not forget how worthy the Jump N Run have been in the 90’s, or this website will be demolished to make a Gears of War one.

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Permalink Featured Download of October November 7th 2009

Of course you’d expect Ragnarok or cooba or whoever to write this, but I’m proud to tell you that under the circumstances, I’ve been granted the honor of writing the Featured Download. Without further ado:

October’s Featured Download

Planetary by Fawful

Fawful’s Planetary pack is a large, multi-game pack that features battle levels, CTF levels and a few alternative gametypes. A lot of the levels prove really creative, like 8th Heaven, which has “Metroid Prime: Hunter”-esque pillars of light that can take you all the way to heaven (where you, ironically, die). A lot of variation for all your online game needs (well not ALL your needs…). This is certainly worth a download (or two if you really like it!!!).


Permalink Fixed several website functions November 5th 2009

Problems related to adding/editing/deleting comments, pictures, and downloads should be fixed now. Sending PMs should be fixed as well.