Crysis: Jump n run games losing popularity

21 Apr 2010 at 13:41

Now that the Shoot ‘em Up games are being that successful, even less people play Jump ‘n Run games like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Jazz Jackrabbit itself. This is an advertising message: If it keeps on being like that with us too, sooner or later noone will be playing Jump n Run games, and slowly this website will lack of users, then of guests, then it will die. Let’s not forget how worthy the Jump N Run have been in the 90’s, or this website will be demolished to make a Gears of War one.

- Gus

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Cobra NF on 5 Dec 2009 at 03:52

What the heck is this ad for anyway?

Zoro on 6 Dec 2009 at 05:17


PT32 on 2 Mar 2010 at 20:13

okay. When exactly did J2O start losing popularity…

CrimiClown on 22 Mar 2010 at 14:49

Gus said it perfectly when he said “ 90’s “. Welcome to 2010, Gus.

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