Jazz2Online news for February 2013

Permalink CliffyB has "moved on" February 9th 2013

Source: Tumblr

CliffyB posted an FAQ on his new tumblr account yesterday. The money quote:

Q. When will we see Jazz Jackrabbit 3?
A. That’s in Epic’s hands now. I never really cared to make another, to be honest. I loved Jazz, but I’ve moved on.

It’s unclear how this jibes with, say, missing Jazz back in March, or wanting to see Jazz on XBLA in 2007. But maybe all those times in the past he’s said similar things he was operating under an offical Epic Games policy to think a new Jazz game would be nice, even though they have no plans along those lines, and now that he’s not working there he’s free to state his mind? Who knows. Point is, if you’d been planning on capitalizing on CliffyB’s leaving Epic Games to try to convince him to make JJ3 on his own, don’t do that.


Permalink JJ2+ Update (UPDATED) February 5th 2013


A quick update about a week after the last one, mainly bug fixes. Sample of changes:
  • Plugged two major memory leaks.
  • Incorporated the various old weapon change patch utilities as a native JJ2+ setting.
  • /ready doesn’t give you fastfire if you don’t want it to.
  • Added some AngelScript properties to know whether the game has started, what the gamemode is, whether you’re playing online, etc.
  • New AngelScript property to make it much easier to set up generating (trigger) crates in JCS.

AngelScript API
NEW: J2O AngelScript Snippets database

UPDATED one day later with a few server-side changes. Sorry about that. Same download URL.


Permalink JJ2+ added to AngelScript list of users February 8th 2013

Source: AngelCode.com

JJ2+ has been added to AngelScript’s official list of applications using AS.. Quoth Andreas Jonsson, AngelScript’s author:
It’s great to see such magnificent community support for an old game such as Jazz Jackrabbit.
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