Jazz2Online news for January 2013

Quick news bit:

The upload size limit was increased from 2 to 10 MB. You no longer need to upload your music, etc, elsewhere; feel free to include them in your uploads! Stijn

Permalink New poll: Favourite new JJ2+ feature? January 30th 2013

Best playable experience?
Jazz Jackrabbit 1 7 votes (19%)
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 29 votes (80%)
Total votes: 36

Well, that’s clear, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is still your favourite game out of the two main JJ games. I guess we should count ourselves lucky that a few days ago the playing experience got even better (or at least, I’d hope so), considering that after two and a half years there’s finally a new JJ2+ release!

There’s a huge amount of fixes and new features, so no better poll question than what’s your favourite new JJ2+ feature? For me personally it’d be the scripting support (seriously, check out the example levels), but maybe you’re a huge fan of the fireball gun or the builtin /ready support.


Permalink epicclassics.com vanishes January 30th 2013

Confession: I don’t know much about this story besides what it says in the title. epicclassics.com was somehow affiliated with our old friend Epic Games/Epic MegaGames, and was really the only place left on the internet where you could buy Jazz Jackrabbit 1. It was extremely low-tech — I doubt the page design had been updated since 1994, and the prices certainly weren’t — but it was there, it was legal, and it seemed to be affiliated with Epic somehow. I’ve seen speculation that it was run by CliffyB’s father, or some one of Tim Sweeney’s relatives… honestly, I couldn’t tell you.

Anyway, it’s gone. Epic community-relations person Flak used it to respond to someone who wanted to buy Jazz 1 back in February, and Archive.org had it as still existing as recently as July, but I can’t find any more recent mention. So… sometime in the last half year or so, we lost Epic Classics. UPDATE: The WHOIS listing says that the site registration was last changed on October 19th, so that’s a possibility.

Optimistically, this is tied to the opening of Epic’s new Epic Store last month, which could mean that it’ll eventually take over where Epic Classics left off and provide some of the older titles. Pessimistically, whoever was behind it got tired of the gig. Time will tell, hopefully.

(Obligatory GOG wishlist links: JJ1, JJ2. )


Quick news bit:

A persistent problem with site e-mails that prevented people from registering or requesting a new password *should* now be fixed (fingers crossed), so feel free to try registering/changing your password again. Also, the new JJ2+ is awesome, see previous newspost. Stijn

Permalink New JJ2+ release January 29th 2013

It’s been many teasers and many release dates, but the new JJ2+ is finally out.


Some assorted new features:
  • Fireball gun (from 1.00g/h) re-implemented
  • New /ready command, so you no longer need Get Me R!
  • Scripting support for level creators
  • Numerous new and expanded events
  • 3D TV support

Be sure to check out the readme, as usual!


Quick news bit:

J2O is now back from downtime. Some parts of the site may still not work as intended, though, but that's subject to change soon! cooba

Permalink JCS Awards 2012 January 17th 2013

Source: JCF thread

Votes have been counted and winners have been revealed. Here are community members’ choices of the best uploads of the year:

Best Battle Level of 2012: Frozen Lake by Snooze
Best CTF Level of 2012: Black Jack by Superjazz
Best Other MP Level of 2012: Flood Control by Ragnarok
Best MP Pack of 2012: New Ages V by Snooze
Best Single Player Release of 2012: Resurrection of Evil Episode 2 by Laro B. and Queen of Board by Sir Ementaler
Best Tileset of 2012: Scorpio Key by Violet CLM
Best JCSer of 2012: Snooze

Congratulations to all winners and good luck in 2013!

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Permalink JCS Awards 2012 - Voting January 2nd 2013

Source: JCF thread

The voting for the best JCS contributions and contributors of the year has just begun. Visit the JCF thread and choose what nominations in your opinion deserve the awards the most!

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