New poll: Favourite new JJ2+ feature?

30 Jan 2013 at 17:59

Best playable experience?
Jazz Jackrabbit 1 7 votes (19%)
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 29 votes (80%)
Total votes: 36

Well, that’s clear, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is still your favourite game out of the two main JJ games. I guess we should count ourselves lucky that a few days ago the playing experience got even better (or at least, I’d hope so), considering that after two and a half years there’s finally a new JJ2+ release!

There’s a huge amount of fixes and new features, so no better poll question than what’s your favourite new JJ2+ feature? For me personally it’d be the scripting support (seriously, check out the example levels), but maybe you’re a huge fan of the fireball gun or the builtin /ready support.

- Stijn


Slaz on 30 Jan 2013 at 18:38

Definitely scripting support, even though I won’t be bothered to try things with it myself for a long time. I’ve just picked up the pace with the ‘regular’ JCS again!

I’m highly amazed by the Carrotus example level, and I can’t wait to see what impressive gameplay other JCSers will come up with! :D

Violet CLM on 30 Jan 2013 at 20:21

The lighting effects are awfully cool, I have to admit. If nothing else it’s fascinating to go through older levels and see what their authors decided to check Illuminate Surroundings on. Pity we haven’t figured out how to get Dim Light working just yet.

Obi1mcd on 31 Jan 2013 at 11:13

Scripting support, without a doubt.

ShakerNL on 31 Jan 2013 at 18:48

bestpony command

Scripting support for sure! You can add so much more to a level with scripts. You just need your imagination.

Jerrythabest on 31 Jan 2013 at 21:58

The question should have been “Favourite new JJ2+ feature after AngelScript”. In that case, I’d say the window menus (yay for voting on oneself) and after that the fireball gun.

Quintocle on 1 Feb 2013 at 00:18

If Scripting support wasn’t an option I would vote for New lighting events.

ShakerNL on 1 Feb 2013 at 00:35

Too bad the AngelScript is eating RAM memory. Any level with AngelScript eats more and more RAM. It rises till it reaches the limit of your memory card. Take a look in Task Manager.

Love & Thunder on 1 Feb 2013 at 02:41

AngelScript, definately. It allows pretty much everything I’d want in a new version of JCS.

Jerrythabest on 2 Feb 2013 at 21:42

We’ve got a bugfix ready for the memory leak in AngelScript. We’re addressing a few more bugs, but I hope we can release an update soon. If there is anything you think that needs to be fixed, please take it to the JCF thread. We may be able to get it fixed quickly and make you happy again =)

Roobar on 4 Feb 2013 at 18:02

Hey! Keen community here! Tom Hall, the creator of Commander Keen, is making an exciting spiritual successor to Commander Keen! Head on to and lets make it happen :)

Love & Thunder on 19 Feb 2013 at 16:27

Has anyone else noticed that the current Vote Percentages add up to 98%?
And on the last pole, for about a day, it added up to 99%.

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