Jazz2Online news for August 2017

Permalink JDC Season 27 starts next friday August 6th 2017

Source: JDC News

As the UNniversary Bash is winding down, the next big event looms on the horizon: Season 27 of the Jazz Duelist Challenge kicks off next friday the 11th.

Apart from promising a few weeks of frantic playing to get the most points and become the Star of This JDC, this edition also includes a new clan ranking parallel to the individual tournament, which should provide an exciting addition to the team play scene.

Head on over to the JDC Website for more info and to activate your account for this season. As always, Good luck to You all!


Permalink UNniversary Bash 3 has begun August 5th 2017

The Unniversary Bash, a regular event in which we play back through many of the greatest hit levels from the last nearly twenty years, has started! You’ll need a registered copy of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, version 1.23 or 1.24 to join, as well as the latest release of the JJ2+ patch.

Click here to join.

The Bash will last at least two days, possibly four depending on interest. Today the focus is on free-for-all Battle levels; tomorrow we’ll switch over to Capture the Flag. This event is purely casual and any and all players are welcome to join and have a rabbity good time.