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Permalink New poll December 31st 2011

It’s been forever and a day since we last asked you much of anything on J2O, so let’s ring in the new year with a new poll: Best secret level? Options include everything from JJ1 and JJ2, because I have no idea how to decide which levels in JJ3 do or do not count as secret levels. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the levels in question, here are some guides.

in before people claim there’s no medivo secret level in JJ1

tune in next time when I ask you about your favorite multiplayer map in JJA


Permalink JCS Awards 2011 December 29th 2011

Source: JCF thread

This year’s

momentous occasion where we award people for their levelmaking

has finally begun, as the nominations thread has been posted (thanks Ragnarok!) Go hog wild with your nominations here.


Permalink Featured Download January 8th 2012

Featured Download!

Resurrection of Evil Episode 1:
Time Lapse by Laro B

One of the latest (and few) single player level packs to come out so far, RoE1 plays well, looks good, and is all around fantastic!

(…)the levels are well designed for the most part, look great and above all are fun to play.
Review by PurpleJazz (8.4)

The story is fine and the levels are alright.
Review by Ron97 (8.0)


Permalink Christmas December 24th 2011

Merry Christmas to everyone from this community!
I hope you will have a peacful and happy holidays!

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Quick news bit:

It's that time of year again... snow is falling in the JJ1 menu and our own J2O background, Steam is discounting everything it can get its hands on, and candles are getting lit as Hanukkah kicks off. Happy holidays, everybody! Violet CLM

Quick news bit:

J2O now hosts 1337 MB of user-uploaded files. That is all. Stijn

Quick news bit:

Epic has announced its new game: Team Fortress 2. Oops, sorry, I mean Fortnite. It has zombies or something. We now return you to your regular Jazz-centric newsfeed. Violet CLM

Permalink Your favorite Epic Games titles December 8th 2011

Source: Epic Community

And then I turned J2O into a mirror of the Epic Community blog.

As part of their 20th Anniversary Celebration mentioned on Tuesday, Epic wants to know: what are your favorite Epic Games titles and why? Come on people, there must be some reason you’re still playing JJ2 thirteen years later; this is your chance to give Epic the thanks they deserve for putting out such a great game. Guest commenting seems to be allowed. By commenting you may also enter yourself to win a Powered by Unreal t-shirt, in case that interests you,

UPDATE: The t-shirt was won by someone supporting ZZT, but in the meantime, we definitely took over the top comments section. ;)


Permalink Another demo off FIX0RS TEH JAZZ JACKRABBIT!!! December 8th 2011

Source: SoundCloud / JCF

For my birthday, I decided to post another demo off my Jazz Jackrabbit Advance remix album. This one’s a remix of the credits theme, a song I believe most liked of those from this particular game by fans. Have a listen here:


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Permalink Epic Games 20th Anniversary December 6th 2011

Source: Epic Community

Epic Games, or Epic Megagames as we may still like to think of them, is 20 years old. In another year, they and Sonic the Hedgehog can go hang out at bars together. Anyway, they’re going to be doing a bit of a retrospective over at their blog, so hopefully something Jazzy will come up to report on! Here’s the description of what we can expect from their anniversary celebration:

Stay tuned to this space, because in the next few months we’ll be sharing tidbits of our history, glimpses into the future, and exclusive looks back into what’s made Epic Games what it is today. We’ll also have a calendar of upcoming events to keep you up to date throughout the celebration.

Also, Epic Games is going to announce a new game on Saturday at the 2011 Video Game Awards. CliffyB describes it as an entirely new, fresh experience, which probably doesn’t secretly translate to “the revival of one of our most beloved franchises” no matter how much those awards behind him look vaguely like Jazz toys, but in case you’re just a fan of Epic Games in general, don’t miss that.

UPDATE: Epic’s new game is called “Fortnite,” apparently. Low on details so far, but it’s supposed to be unlike anything they’ve ever done before and it kind of resembles Team Fortress 2.


Permalink Trying to find someone December 16th 2011

Sorry this has nothing to do with Jazz Jackrabbit. I am trying to get in contact with one of the other members on this site. We used to be good friends at the same school in london. We would talk star trek voyager and about this game during computer class when you should have been doing computer stuff. lol You also moved from one province to another province. If you remember this then please contact me. Sorry for the inconvence to other fellow members.

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