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Permalink Downloads: supporting files November 28th 2011

There’ve been a few uploads recently that either have included files they shouldn’t or haven’t included files they should, so I thought I’d put up a quick reminder on site policy. If you’re uploading one or more levels, include the tileset and music files used, unless they are official files that are included with the original games.

To be explicit: this means that the tilesets and music files for Castle, Carrotus, Labrat, Colonius, Psych, Beach, Diamondus, Tubelectric, Medivo, Jungle, Heck/Inferno, Damn, Easter, Haunted House, and Townhouse need not be included. The same goes for other official music not tied to specific tilesets, such as Fastrack.j2b.

Exceptions: TSF comes with “Easter 99,” which is TSF-only, and “Easter,” which is smaller and 1.23 compatible. Since not everyone with 1.23 necessarily has TSF, you may wish to include the smaller Easter tileset. Similarly, it’s up to you whether to include the Holiday Hare 98 tilesets and music, since they are not bundled with either 1.23 or TSF, only HH98 and CC99.

If you are unable to include a tileset or music file because it would make the .zip file too large, hope it’s a really common file (like Mez01), and be sure to link to another download on J2O that contains the tileset or music file you are unable to include. The downloads search tool supports searching for filenames, so this should not be difficult.

Occasionally tilesets get updated, so you may want to make sure you’re using the most recent version of a tileset before uploading a level using it, but this is not especially enforced.

Thanks for your attention! Keep on JCSing.


Permalink Featured Download November 26th 2011

Double Feature!

..once again!

Featured Download I

Dusk of Serenity by Ragnarok!

I’ll say only a few words about this level.. just because it’s amazing! Great layout, nice gameplay – Dusk of Serenity is a real masterpiece. Despite the fact that the tileset doesn’t give much possibilities, the eyecandy is simply astonishing! Thumbs up again, Rag.
Go and download this one… NOW.

Definitly one of the best CTFs in 2011 so far. Great layout.
Review by FawFul (8.8)

the lonely mameluke riding a path would be proud of this level :D
Review by xSnooze

Featured Download II

Episodic Ground Force Pack Episode 2 by minmay

A sequel of Episodic Ground Force Pack 1 (you might want to check it out!). Minmay did a good job making the levels suitable for ALL characters (!). Another plus is the fact that he implemented trigger system instead of coin one (in the starting room). Also, music: it makes an unique atmosphere for each separate level, which is a big plus, too.
Summarizing it all, minmay’s pack is a must in your level list if you want to play some good Ground Force levels!

I wish I could see this, as well as the previous episode hosted.
Review by Sir Ementaler (9.5)

i hosted this last evening and i thought it was entertaining :D
Review by xSnooze (8.7)

Sorry for coming with the newspost so late. Hope I did not mess up anything with this one (otherwise shout at me :-D)
edit: edited minmay’s pack description.


Permalink Android server list app goes beta November 14th 2011

Source: JCF thread

With the 21st century in full swing, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you can now browse JJ2’s server list on your phone via an Android application.

Here’s what wKtK, the makes of the app has to say:

At the moment I’m still developing the app, and It’s nowhere near finished. However, for anyone interested in beta-testing I’ll upload a beta-version.
I’ve not yet started to implement this, but it’ll probably communicate with another program on your PC that passes info to JJ2.

You can download the app here.


Permalink Google Plus November 12th 2011

If following J2O on Twitter isn’t enough for you, we’re now on Google Plus as well! Why? Well, that’s a good question. Any ideas?


Permalink Finishing a project... November 12th 2011

Source: myself

Not sure this would qualify as news, but I am putting this up to remind/encourage myself to finish an SP pack I gave up on a couple of years back (Dreamscape), which got some positive feedback and after taking a long hiatus from this game I’ve found motivation to complete it.

For those who haven’t played the first release, it is available here -> http://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/5784/dreamscape/ (Reviews are always appreciated :P)

Currently I’ve completed several additional levels, made the storyline more coherent, and updated the previous levels from criticisms i’ve received over the yrs. As I’ve said before (when I released the first version) this will be my final work in JCS so I’m gonna try fairly hard to get it out of the door (in a finished state this time!) :D/ . ETA is “when its done”, but a completed release could be possible early next year.


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