Android server list app goes beta

14 Nov 2011 at 19:41
JCF thread
With the 21st century in full swing, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you can now browse JJ2’s server list on your phone via an Android application.

Here’s what wKtK, the makes of the app has to say:

At the moment I’m still developing the app, and It’s nowhere near finished. However, for anyone interested in beta-testing I’ll upload a beta-version.
I’ve not yet started to implement this, but it’ll probably communicate with another program on your PC that passes info to JJ2.

You can download the app here.

- cooba


DoubleGJ on 14 Nov 2011 at 20:12

Cool, but any idea for a practical use?

Robo4900 on 14 Nov 2011 at 20:30

As the post said, it could communicate with your Computer to make Jazz 2 start playing on that server.

wKtK on 14 Nov 2011 at 21:08

I’m in the J2O news, my life is complete now XD
But, on a serious note:

Everyone, thanks for your support. If you got any suggestions/ideas, feel free to post them in the JCF-thread, and I’ll check them out :)

As for a practical use, you can check the servers while ingame, and it can show notifications when a player comes online. And like Robo4900 mentioned, it could communicate w JJ2 on your computer.

Thanks for all the feedback,

Zoro on 15 Nov 2011 at 11:38

Good job, it’s really respectable app! ;)

wKtK on 17 Nov 2011 at 11:42

New version released :)
check it out on JCF.

Thanks for your support!

ShakerNL on 20 Nov 2011 at 20:49

Nice app, but kinda useless since you can only play JJ1 on an Android phone.

wKtK on 26 Nov 2011 at 21:32

“Nice app, but kinda useless since you can only play JJ1 on an Android phone.”

Why should the fact that there’s no JJ2 for Android make this useless? I think that you’ve misunderstood the purpose of this app.

This app is a serverlist.
A GIP, like the one you get when you click the ‘Games in progress’ button on the top-right of this site.
In the future, the app will support remote admin functions for JJ2+ servers.

So the app does NOT enable you to play JJ2, but provides information for the JJ2 on your computer.

For more info and new versions: (redirects to the JCF-thread for now)

I hope you understand the purpose of the app now,


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