Jazz2Online news for November 2022

Permalink JDC Returns! November 19th 2022

Source: JDC

JJ2’s largest multiplayer event, JDC, is returning after a long hiatus for its 32nd season!

The opening event is due to take place on Saturday 26th November at 20:30 GMT+1, after which the season will be officially open for games.

Additionally, the Elimination Duel tournament, JDCE, will also be running alongside the main JDC tournament.

Please visit the JDC website for more information. I hope to see you all there very soon!

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Permalink Free Jazz Jackrabbit 2 period is over November 5th 2022

Source: gog.com

Just a small notification that the free Jazz Jackrabbit 2 collection period is over. However if you didn’t get it, you can still get it on GOG for a small fee.

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