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Permalink Double Feature (!) July 26th 2011

Double Feature!

Browsing J2O downloads is fun, sometimes.
Especially when you find two levels that are worth a Featured Download status.

Featured Download I

Fukushima by Loon

There’s one answer why is this level a Featured Download: It just rocks!
Its layout is, I’d say, quite simple while the gameplay is still great.
This level is also is a good example of unique tileset usage. Eyecandy is really nice, though a bit confusing on times. Good music completes positive impression about the level.
I can say that it is a diamond, but with small scratches which sometimes can be annoying.
Still, it just deserves a FD.

it is a bit small level. (thats why 8.5) and at the end i want to say – good job :D
Review by DarkLight (8.5)

Download recommended for those who look for a fast paced duel.
Review by Laro B.

Featured Download II

Peculiar Purple Peak by Ragnarok!

This one is a small level with solid look, yet it’s simple and fun to play.
The amount and placement of PUs and carrots make the level work not only in duels, but also in bigger games.
There are a few tricks that simplify gaining control over the map and give some more strategic possibilities. The level isn’t difficult to learn because of its size, yet it lets us to play some entertaining games.
I think it really is worth being a Featured Download.

Definitely a fun level.
Review by PurpleJazz (8.4)

This map looks awesome for me, except layer 6.
Review by Loon (7.8)

As you can see, only good levels can get a Featured Download status, so work a lot on your level(s) before uploading!


Permalink No bandana = No Jazz July 25th 2011

Source: JCF thread

Do you hate Jazz Jackrabbit on the GBA? Do you also not care about game music remixes? If so, that’s too bad, because DoubleGJ’s JJGBA remix album, FIX0RS TEH JAZZ JACKRABBIT!!! is coming.

There’s a lot of things going on the whole album, there’s heavy stuff, melodic stuff, there’s rock, breakbeat, disco, metal, jazz, electro-orchestral music, one song even sounds like tribal though it’s really something much different. It all blends together well though. Even if you won’t like a song or two, there’s still a high chance that you may love the other ones.

If you’re interested, check out what we’ve already heard:

Remember the two songs I posted on J2O back then, Gone Advanced and A Prisoner Out? Well, they’re both here, as tracks 1 and 2, though obviously they’ve changed a bit.

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