Jazz2Online news for August 2011

Permalink Ever Story 2 cancelled, unfinished work released August 26th 2011

Source: JCF thread

User Zoro has announced the cancellation of his single player pack Ever Story 2. You can download and play the aborted episode from this link. The number of cutscenes in the levels may be off-putting to those who have not played the little-reviewed original Ever Story, but they occur mostly in the first half of the download and are quickly succeeded by more or less straight SP action.


Quick news bit:

In the minor news department, the Jazz stick shooter IOS demo is included in the latest Unreal Development Kit demonstration video. Violet CLM

Permalink Featured Download August 23rd 2011

Featured Download

Impressions A by DarkSonic

DarkSonic’s Impressions A is a pack consisting of three battle and four CTF levels. All the levels are built in a different, yet creative and interesting ways that show DS’ JCS skills. Good, fitting music completes the positive impression.

Quality over quantity – levels from this pack have a good style that should not disappoint you. Suited for both small and bigger games, should be a good addition to your levellist.
Saying it in overall, Impressions A is one of better packs among j2o downloads and it’s worth at least taking a look on it. Thumbs up to DarkSonic for making such a good pack!

A worthy pack to download.
Review by Loon (8.8)

There aren’t many disapointments; this is DS’ JCS skills at his finest.
Review by PurpleJazz (8.8)

..better late than never, eh?
p.s. nvm with the screenie, I screwed up something :D


Quick news bit:

The reset password page, which was broken for a few days, works again. Stijn

Permalink LEV files pretty much cracked August 22nd 2011

Since we’re on the subject of JCS and related concepts, it’s worth mentioning that hacking into LEV files has progressed to the point that the first custom LEV file has been produced. LEV files are the level files used by Jazz 2 versions 1.00g and 1.00h, and understanding of their structure has lagged far behind J2L files for some time, apart from zapS’ managing to extract image data from the Jungle levels in 2009.

You’ll need an OEM copy of Jazz 2 to play this custom level, and you’ll have to rename files to run it. It’s nothing remotely special, just a proof of possibility. A practically complete specification for LEV files can also be found on ERE, which is all the more impressive considering that the J2L file specification has more gaps now than the LEV one does.


Permalink JCS for web August 22nd 2011

Source: JCF thread

Some of you might have been wondering what DJazz, our community’s equivalent of a mad scientist, has been up to. If that’s the case, look no longer, because his WebJCS is here!

WebJCS is a fanmade version of Jazz Creation Station running in a web-browser.
Currently the only supported browser is Google Chrome 12, Chrome 14 and up (13 works with the latest stable, but could crash aswell, see the issue for more details).

The latest stable version of WebJCS is available here.

And in case this still wasn’t interesting enough to you, look at this:

When the basic JCS functionality is done, I can start add new features, such as the first idea of a web-based JCS: Collaborative level editing.


Permalink Jazz2Online moved to new host August 12th 2011

We’ve moved the site over to a new hosting provider, which should hopefully be more stable and faster than our dreaded previous host. Pretty much everything should work as normally, but do let us know if you encounter any problems.

Unfortunately some content added in the past 2 days may have been lost. You can view the old forum here for the time being, in case you want to recover any of your lost posts – do note that any new content posted to the old site will not be moved over!

Update: Jazz2Online is officially the unluckiest website ever, today we were offline for a few hours due to the host suffering from a DoS attack. Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.