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Featured Download

The Pit by >CelL<

CelL’s level is another download that’s worth paying some attention. As the author of this level says, it’s a big level, and it’s got pits, so beware where are you running! Also, have fun getting coins, there are warps that teleport you to fullNRGs (you need 10 coins for that), and a “special” one which gives you an airboard (you need 255 coins for getting it, though). This level is quite enjoyable, people who played it on JDC event can say that, too!
If you want to have fun pwning others (..or just falling in the pit), go and download it!

i guess i should mention I played this in a JDC event and I liked it GJ CelL
Review by Cobra NF (8.0)


Permalink JJnet Duel Tournament Level Contest June 2nd 2011

Source: JCF thread

History likes to repeat itself, as the JJ.net Duel Tournament is returning later this year, and the level contest that brought you the infamous Employee of the Month last year is returning right now!

The purpose of this contest is to support the actual JJnet Duel Tournament with new additions to the tournament’s mappool. So, the top 1-4 levels(depending on the amount of submitted entries, and their average quality), get their place in the new tournament mappool, as a prize.

The deadline is August 1st.