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Permalink Every week is dethrone week April 16th 2011

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FireSworD’s Dethrone the Tyrant contest has come to fruition, with four levels making their way into the second stage:

Highly Dangerous Uterus by Zerg
Sparks Factory by Obi1mcd
BollyWorld by Leus aka Simba
This End Up by Sir Ementaler

The winner will be decided by the poll. In the next 30 days, everyone is welcome to vote for their favorite boss arena.

A hefty 50 US dollars awaits the winner!


Permalink Anniversary Bash 13 April 8th 2011

The Bash is now over, hope you had fun!

The celebration of Jazz Jackrabbit 2’s 13th birthday is this weekend, starting in no less than several hours!

Download the level packs HERE!

The annual lists, assembled by FireSworD, are as follows:

Battle List:

1. Dream Stage by Snooze
2. Pit of Necrosis by PurpleJazz
3. Surreal Supersuburbs by FireSworD
4. Conflux by SuperJazz
5. Dethroned by BlurredD
6. Virtuosity by FawFul
7. Magic Dust by Toni
8. EvilMike’s Not-So-Evil Fortress by EvilMike
9. Wilderness by cooba
10. Stalactite Labratory by FawFuL
11. Cally Caves by Loon
12. Sovun Valtakunta by Snooze
13. Diamonds of War by Agnes
14. Death, Decay, Rose, River by Snooze
15. E. Prime by BlurredD
CTF List:

2. Light Point by DarkSonic
3. Minimal Duel by Snooze
4. Sterile CTF by stripe
5. Wicked Wood by FawFuL
6. Abandoned Park by Jake
7. Universal CTF by GLaDOS
8. Silent Hills by Laro
9. Junkyard Blues by Snooze
10. PipE DowN by Shadow
11. Employee of the Month by EvilMike
12. Twisted System by Galana
13. GaLaXiuS by FireSworD
14. Camelot by Merlyn
15. Grave of the Snooze by Snooze

If that’s not enough for you, remember that there are extra Jailbreak and Assassination side events planned. (How do I play those?)

See you at the servers!


Permalink Random post April 2nd 2011

This probably won’t get voted much.

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