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In April we had an Unusual CTF Contest, but in May the Battle Contest ended. The level that got the first place was uploaded last month, the level that got second wasn’t uploaded and the level that was third will be mentioned here.

The first upload I will mention is A Prisoner Out by DoubleGJ, a high rated remix of Chameleon World from Jazz Jackrabbit Advance.

Levels from the Battle Contest:
The level that got the third place: Sandstone Ruins by Quickz. And
Daring Rebels by Hitch. It’s a decent level I reviewed.

The user that uploaded Daring Rebels also uploaded his CTF pack called Memories. It’s a 5-level CTF pack that’s worth checking.

A collaboration between two XLM members was there as well, and the result is Regicide Road. It’s an Assassination level by Birdie and Purplejazz, and it’s a pretty original level compared to other Assassination levels. Also, this level really needs a review. It deserves a good rating, but it doesn’t get the Featured Download. The Featured Download is a pack uploaded at the end of May.

People that play JJ2 often enough know the three levels in this pack already. Two of the levels were included in the Anniversary Bash this year, and the third level won the 3rd place in the Unusual CTF Contest. The levels haven’t been uploaded before, but now they have. Also, this pack was going to consist of 6 levels at first but the author uploaded it with only 3 levels.

Well, yes. I’m talking about Agony by P4ul. Although Regicide Road is also a very nice level, this 3-level pack gets the Featured Download.

This is the banner of the pack, which is used instead of a screenshot (as requested by the author)

The eye candy in all of these levels is fantastic, although the Death Facility III probably has too much. However, most stuff is in layer 2 or 3 and is in the walls. While some of the eye candy is not very original anymore, it still does its job. Demon Rampart focuses on eye candy a lot as well, it has great sprite layer eye candy which makes the level look pretty good in Low Detail as well. Distorted Research Site focuses less on eye candy than the other levels, but the bottom of the level looks excellent.

These levels have fairly simple layouts, which makes them easy to play. The levels also have a good flow. Distorted Research Site has pits at the bottom, after some time the triggers will activate so you can fall in the pits. The level is pretty open as well. Demon Rampart has the bases on a place that can be reached from different sides. At the bottom of the level you can only get up by taking the tubes under the bases, or by using the springs at the left and right side of the level. Death Facility III is a more cramped level with a lot of Float Ups.

I remember playing Demon Rampart in the Bash; it was hard to get some ammo there. Also, Death Facility III didn’t have a very good ammo placement either. It had pretty much.

Now that has changed, because the author changed the ammo in both levels by putting more to the ground and less ammo. This is effective, because the new ammo placement is much better. Demon Rampart has a Toaster PU at the left side and a Seek PU at the right side, which is interesting. In an open level like this the Toaster PU is useful, but the Seek PU is also very good(especially at the top)

Overall, this is a pack with 3 pretty nice levels that are worth playing.

I hope that we will have great uploads in June. I know people who might upload stuff then.


Permalink J20 browser toolbar! June 2nd 2007

I had a bit of vastetime and I thought Jazz toolbar would be great. I readed a newspeper and found a great service to create a toolbar. And here it is: www.J20.OurToolbar.com

It includes:
  • Search
  • Messaging service
  • chat
  • RSS ticker
  • Links
  • Email notifier
  • weather
  • pop-up blocker
  • automatic updates

If you would like something added to it, please tell me.

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