Jazz2Online news for January 2005

Permalink Broken or missing downloads January 29th 2005

Source: JCF thread

The Downloads section has a lot of files which are missing, broken or in some other way undownloadable. This is rather unfortunate. Please visit this JCF thread for a full list of files we are missing and would like to have sent to us. If you see a broken download which you do not already have, please report it using the report button. If you have downloaded it before, please send it to either Fquist or myself for reuploading.

On a happy note, the following files have all been reuploaded and can be downloaded:
Shrunken Jazz
Attempt to make robot boss hard!

I decided that we could use a little checking and I wrote a script to find what levels were missing and found that 102 levels are missing. If you have a level that is missing please reupload it. You can find the massive list here.

Or if you have one of the files that is missing and you are not the author, please send it to j2olevels@politiekblog.com and we’ll reupload it ourselves.

Anyone in need of Tomb Rabbit?


Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit Plush Toys January 10th 2005

Ideas from the Deep (the former seller of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 for Mac) has started to sell the Jazz Jackrabbit plush toys again after an inquiry into its status.

This great collectors item available for $9.99 on the website but anyone on this website can get them for $5 off each doll purchased!

The toy is available here .

During checkout, when filling in the credit card information (or selecting PayPal if preferred) there will be a field to enter a coupon:
This will give you $5 off you order. (Coupon only good for Jazz Toy).


Permalink Donate to Jazz2Online January 4th 2005

To help supplement the costs of hosting, domain name registration, and forum software I have decided it is time to accept PayPal donations for Jazz2Online. Regardless, J2O will continue to exist and will still provide the community with its resources.

Donations will help pay for existing bills; all money will be used carefully. You are free to click the new Donate to Jazz2Online link at the right or here for complete details about donations. If you have any questions please contact me and I will be glad to talk to you.

All donations are greatly appreciated, but it is not required.


Permalink Best Threads Update January 2nd 2005

As you may know, the Best Threads of 2004 event is underway. This is just a reminder to nominate threads. You have until January 10, 2005 to submit your nominations. You can nominate and endorse threads in the following threads:

Jazz Jackrabbit related Nominations
Non-Jazz Jackrabbit related Nominations

Remember that threads must also be endorsed to be included in the final vote. Each person is allowed to endorse one thread in addition to nominating one. You can also post suggestions for threads if you have already nominated one. This may help people who are having trouble deciding.


Permalink JCS Awards 2004 January 2nd 2005

R3ptile has announced the results of the JCS Awards 2004. People were asked to vote on what people, levels, tilesets and groups were the best in 2004:

The results:

BlurredD is the best levelmaker 2004.
- Anarchy Inn
- Divide and Conquer

OLC is the best levelmaking group 2004.
- OLC Battle Pack
- OLC Jazz1 CTF Pack

Violet is the best tileset maker 2004.
- JJ1 Pezrock
- Sandy Sunset
- JJ1 Exoticus

Best multiplayer pack: OLC Battle Pack
Best singleplayer pack: FSP: Rent Collection by Violet

Best SP level: Green Hare Down by Labratkid
Best CTF level: Medieval Skyscrapers (Prime Retribution) by FireSworD, Ragnarok’s Stronghold by Ragnarok
Best battle level: Garden Brawl by FireSworD

Best tileset: Windstorm Fortress by BlurredD

Best JJ1 conversion: JJ1 Exoticus by Violet
Best JJ2 conversion: Diamondus ß by Pyromanus

Best eyecandy: Garden Brawl by FireSworD
Most original level: One Spot (Prime Retribution) by FireSworD