JCS Awards 2004

2 Jan 2005 at 15:47

R3ptile has announced the results of the JCS Awards 2004. People were asked to vote on what people, levels, tilesets and groups were the best in 2004:

The results:

BlurredD is the best levelmaker 2004.
- Anarchy Inn
- Divide and Conquer

OLC is the best levelmaking group 2004.
- OLC Battle Pack
- OLC Jazz1 CTF Pack

Violet is the best tileset maker 2004.
- JJ1 Pezrock
- Sandy Sunset
- JJ1 Exoticus

Best multiplayer pack: OLC Battle Pack
Best singleplayer pack: FSP: Rent Collection by Violet

Best SP level: Green Hare Down by Labratkid
Best CTF level: Medieval Skyscrapers (Prime Retribution) by FireSworD, Ragnarok’s Stronghold by Ragnarok
Best battle level: Garden Brawl by FireSworD

Best tileset: Windstorm Fortress by BlurredD

Best JJ1 conversion: JJ1 Exoticus by Violet
Best JJ2 conversion: Diamondus ß by Pyromanus

Best eyecandy: Garden Brawl by FireSworD
Most original level: One Spot (Prime Retribution) by FireSworD

- Fquist


White Rabbit on 3 Jan 2005 at 16:41

Green Hare Down gives me an amnesia error. :-(

cooba on 3 Jan 2005 at 19:41

What about playing it in 1.23 next time?

In any case, link to Divide and Conquer is broken, as well as every level on JDC

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